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Cuffed: Book One

Kidnapped in the middle of the night, 26 year old Demi Ramora is terrified, confused and slightly amused by her two handsome captors who have taken her for money but end up with far more than they've bargained for.

Besides, a pair of handcuffs never hurt her.

Brandon and Adam just wanted to make a quick buck, and kidnapping a widows daughter while her mother is away on holiday sounds like a breeze.
But when her mother doesn't return in time from her vacation, hours turn into days, and Brandon and Adam struggle to keep up appearances with day jobs and scheduling... sexual tension begins to build as sparks fly between Adam and Demi.

Heist Lady Mack

Heist: Book Two [Cuffed]

Once Adam finds Demi in the park after the kidnapping is over, the two are inseparable. They can't get enough of one another, but it's no longer safe for them to be together here, so they pack up what's important and hit the road, leaving their old lives behind and starting a new life together. Seeing where the future takes them.

Then, what begins innocently enough as a fight between lovers and an accidental gas and go, suddenly leads them on an exciting journey of small time mom-and-pop shop robberies and department store thefts that give them both an incredible sexual rush that neither have experienced before, and crave more of, wanting to see how far they can take it.

One thing leads to another though, and soon the pair find themselves in Colorado, about to pull off a very unique and exciting jewelry heist, bigger than anything they've ever done before, one that could change their entire future.

But what happens when everything about the heist goes wrong? And Demi offers up an alternative option that could still help them pull off the heist, but one that leaves them with far more than they'd ever bargained for? Will the heist still be worth it? And what will it do to their developing relationship?

Break Away Lady Mack

Break Away: Book Three [Cuffed]

From being kidnapped in the dead of the night, to sleeping with another woman during their heist, Demi’s had more than enough of her share of the fast life. She’s craving a long over due beach vacation with Adam, to catch up on some rest and relaxation, some hot and kinky sex, and to finally start a normal life together.


But try as he might though, Adam, however, just doesn’t quite feel the same way about taking some time off. He’s still far too tempted by the idea of another big job to truly set them up for life, to give them all the things they’ve ever dreamed about and wanted. And he’s especially tempted when that idea of a robbery comes from Brandon, Demi’s original kidnapper, the smarts behind it all. As their vacation unfolds, secrets are kept and tension builds. Adam tries to juggle the plans for another robbery behind Demi’s back, while at the same time planning to propose to her, driving himself mad trying to keep it all together.


But what will happen if it all falls apart?Can Demi keep forgiving Adam for everything that he’s put her through, or will enough, finally be enough, no matter what the cost? Will this be the end of their taboo love affair? Is love really enough to conquer all?


Redacted: Book Four [Cuffed]

The much anticipated ending of the Demi and Adam Saga is now complete!

After living in such an emotional state for so long, things begin to spiral apart for these star crossed lovers.

Will love really be enough to keep them together?

Or will real life tempt them in different directions?

Candys Bedtime Stories Erotica Lady Mack
Candys Bedtime Stories 2 Erotica Lady Mack

Candy's Bedtime Stories #1

Candy's Bedtime Stories is a collection of enticing adult erotica, aimed at every style of life.

From straight vanilla, to BDSM, gay, lesbian, fetish, and everything in between, there will be something in here for everyone..

And then some.

Candy's Bedtime Stories #2 is my second collection of hot and steamy reads, ranging from vanilla to taboo, and I promise, there is something for everyone in there!
Kim's Favor Erotica Lady Mack.jpg

Kim's Favor : Stand Alone Novel

Jill is turning forty years old this year, and frustrated with her life. She’d envisioned far bigger and better things for herself than this. Behind her lie a string of failed relationships and one wildly unstable marriage that just recently ended in a nasty divorce, only a few short years after it started.

Now, currently on her own, struggling under a mountain of debt and living in a tiny apartment that she hates, Jill feels trapped as life has begun changing drastically before her eyes, and snowballing out of her control. Because to top it all off, she’s just been fired from another job.

On the brink of losing it all, suddenly, two seemingly life altering choices appear before her, one very different from the other.

A kinky blast from the past shows up out of no where one day, at the same time that she’s tempted by a beautiful girlfriend with an alluring job opportunity. Will Jill be pulled by her heart, blinded by love and taking a chance on someone who’s hurt her before, but might be the future she’s looking for? Or will she be drawn to take a whole different kind of chance at something exciting, sexy and new; a chance that might change her future forever?

Copy of Love your_edited.jpg

Just released in July! This is a brand new, 120 page, 5 chapter guided journal aimed at helping you love yourself. Filled with insights, tips, tricks, activities and worksheets that have helped me tremendously over the last few years as I have started my whole life all over again, and learned to really give myself the grace and love I deserve. 


Forced Out Of Fear: Book One [Celeste's Journey]

Meet Celeste.. a widowed woman whose entire life turns upside down one morning, when she awakens to find the world has gone to shit, and she needs to cross the USA to save her teenage son. Book 1 in this 4 book zombie meets smut series. Enjoy!

Song Of Survival: Book Two [ Celeste's Journey]

It's been four days since Celeste's entire world fell apart.

One minute, she was a just a lonely, depressed widow, her teenage son gone off to hockey camp, while she struggled to keep it together from one day to another.

The next minute, people are running for their lives outside of her condo, and her son Jeremy is on the other end of the phone, begging for his momma, crying out for help.

It's taken everything out of Celeste just to stay alive and get out of her city...

But is she prepared for the danger, the zombies, the temptation that lay ahead of her?

She has sacrificed so much, and so many, to get this far. What else does she have left to give?

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