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This is the second novel in the Cuffed collection. 


Once Adam finds Demi in the park after the kidnapping is over, the two are inseparable. They can't get enough of one another, but it's no longer safe for them to be together here, so they pack up what's important and hit the road, leaving their old lives behind and starting a new life together. Seeing where the future takes them.
Then, what begins innocently enough as a fight between lovers and an accidental gas and go, suddenly leads them on an exciting journey of small time mom-and-pop shop robberies and department store thefts that give them both an incredible sexual rush that neither have experienced before, and crave more of, wanting to see how far they can take it.
One thing leads to another though, and soon the pair find themselves in Colorado, about to pull off a very unique and exciting jewelry heist, bigger than anything they've ever done before, one that could change their entire future.
But what happens when everything about the heist goes wrong? And Demi offers up an alternative option that could still help them pull off the heist, but one that leaves them with far more than they'd ever bargained for? Will the heist still be worth it? And what will it do to their developing relationship?

Heist, Signed Book 2

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Second novel in the Cuffed collection, a kidnapping turned romance with a Bonnie and Clyde twist. Paperback copy. Signed with a kiss. 

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