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This is a stand alone erotica novel.


Jill is turning forty years old this year, and frustrated with her life. She’d envisioned far bigger and better things for herself than this.Behind her lie a string of failed relationships and one wildly unstable marriage that just recently ended in a nasty divorce, only a few short years after it started.Now, currently on her own, struggling under a mountain of debt and living in a tiny apartment that she hates, Jill feels trapped as life has begun changing drastically before her eyes, and snowballing out of her control. Because to top it all off, she’s just been fired from another job.On the brink of losing it all, suddenly, two seemingly life altering choices appear before her, one very different from the other.A kinky blast from the past shows up out of no where one day, at the same time that she’s tempted by a beautiful girlfriend with an alluring job opportunity. Will Jill be pulled by her heart, blinded by love and taking a chance on someone who’s hurt her before, but might be the future she’s looking for? Or will she be drawn to take a whole different kind of chance at something exciting, sexy and new; a chance that might change her future forever? 

Kim's Favor, A Signed Novel

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  • This is a stand alone erotica novel, paperback, signed with a kiss. 

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