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Interviews, Podcasts, Community Involvement and More

Since fall of 2017 I have been blessed to have been asked to speak for multiple organizations, be involved in charity work, I've been featured in the newspaper, asked to be interviewed and spoke in many podcasts. Yes, me, the girl who never thought she would be a writer and would have peed herself had you told my past self that this is what I would be doing with my life. But, here I am, and I am damn proud of me.

Please scroll down for links and information about each event. I've been editing this slowly as I go, so if I am missing an interview with someone, or a podcast has yet to be shared, please check back again soon!


When Todd first messaged me about being featured in the newspaper, I thought it was a joke. Ha! I bawled like a baby after I first saw this in the paper!

Not only was this a really fun podcast, but David and I are also working on another project together too, an audio book of my first erotica novel CUFFED!

Please stay tuned for more details on that!

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