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This is the third novel in the CUFFED collection.


From being kidnapped in the dead of the night, to sleeping with another woman during their heist, Demi’s had more than enough of her share of the fast life. She’s craving a long over due beach vacation with Adam, to catch up on some rest and relaxation, some hot and kinky sex, and to finally start a normal life together.But try as he might though, Adam, however, just doesn’t quite feel the same way about taking some time off. He’s still far too tempted by the idea of another big job to truly set them up for life, to give them all the things they’ve ever dreamed about and wanted.And he’s especially tempted when that idea of a robbery comes from Brandon, Demi’s original kidnapper, the smarts behind it all.As their vacation unfolds, secrets are kept and tension builds. Adam tries to juggle the plans for another robbery behind Demi’s back, while at the same time planning to propose to her, driving himself mad trying to keep it all together.But what will happen if it all falls apart?Can Demi keep forgiving Adam for everything that he’s put her through, or will enough, finally be enough, no matter what the cost? Will this be the end of their taboo love affair? Is love really enough to conquer all?

Break Away, Signed Book 3

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Third novel in the Cuffed collection, a kidnapping turned romance with a Bonnie and Clyde twist. Signed with a kiss. 

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