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Let Me Write For You!

In 2022, I created a side business to complement the work I do as an indie author, to allow me to branch out with my creativity, and help people like you bring your work to life. 

There is no job too big or too small, from simple things like website updates, bios, item listings, real estate listings, to bigger tasks like advertisement listings, and even ghost writing. Yes, I will write your novel for you!

I can create custom, lined notebooks as well! Quick and fast turn around time, you can have notebooks made with your own artwork, photographs, logos for businesses, sports teams, memorial events, workshops, team meetings, gifts and more! Let's create something!

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Price Listings and Custom Orders

Every job is different, but here is a general break down. 

Writing jobs are not limited to local or in person. Everything can be done online, via phone / video chat and email.

I charge a base cost of $35 CAD an hour for writing jobs.

Custom Journals cost $35-75CAD for the design and link, DOES NOT INCLUDE THE COST OF JOURNALS as that has to be calculated in your order. This comes with 2 edits before going to print.

The cost of journals has to be done when we talk shop, depending on the amount you need, etc. Average cost to order is $5-7CAD per journal, plus shipping if applicable. 

*Any adjustments after the first 2 are $5-10CAD per adjustment.


This can vary depending on the size of your novel, and how much writing falls on me. Some people have drafts and chapters already outlined, some times it's entirely in someone's head and you need me to do the majority of the writing.

Let's talk about what you need.

As a base cost, it can range from $1500-$3000+ CAD. 

Contact Me To Get Started!

Send me an email, contact me on social media, or call me to get started on your writing project today!

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