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Satisfyer Adult Toy Erotica 18+ NSWF

Listen up my friends, because I have a sexy story to share with you all, and it involves my new friend, “The Satisfyer.” If you haven’t tried this hot new sex toy yet, or any of it’s air pulsing relatives, then you simply just haven’t been satisfied. And yes, pun intended. Trust me, this is the sex toy for you, and I’m about to tell you why. Buckle up, because it’s quite the ride.

For me, it has been a while since I’ve had some fun in my life. And I’ve been through my toy chest a time or two, or maybe a few more times than that, and I’m bored to death with what’s inside. I was looking for something different, and I was desperately needing some excitement, so after work one day I decided to pop into my local adult boutique to pick up something thrilling and new.

I prefer my local shop as opposed to shopping online because I actually get to chat with real people who work there one on one and I can learn about the products first hand, so I know what I am buying and I am comfortable going home with it. It’s nice to know how to use something, and hell, how to turn it on, hint hint, before you get busy with it. Once I’d talked with someone for a few minutes, I asked them what was hot on the shelf, and they directed me to a range of toys called The Satisfyer.

These were a new type of toy that weren’t actually a vibrator or a dildo at all, but rather they used an air pulsing technology to sort of surround your clit and “suck and pulse” around it rather than vibrate with direct pressure on top of it. These toys were also waterproof and rechargeable. My curiosity was peeked. I bought my new toy, the Satisfyer Pro+Vibration because it pulsed AND vibrated, and I took it home with me. It definitely seemed like a toy that I could have a lot of fun with.

When I got to my house, I made sure not to rush my way straight into my bedroom. Like I’d said, it had been a while, and I really wanted to take my time and enjoy myself tonight. It may have just been a new toy, but to this single lady, it may as well have been a new lover, and I was damn determined to make sure that it treated me right.

First, I opened and cleaned the toy off, and then I set everything up nicely in my bedroom for later, placing the toy down with some lube on the side of my bed. Then, I ran myself a really long, hot bubble bath, and I soaked until I felt my whole body calm down and begin to relax, breathing in the lovely scents around me. Finally, I got out of the tub and dried off slowly, using all my best smelling lotions to treat and tease my drying skin, setting the mood.

Naked, I made my way into my bedroom, eyeing up the bed where the toy and lube lay waiting. By the way I felt, I highly doubted that I’d need the lube, but it was important to have it ready anyways. Masturbation, sex, foreplay, whatever the act, it always feels better, wetter.

I wandered around the room and lit some candles before turning off the ceiling lights, my bedroom now covered in a flickering soft golden glow. Then I made my way to my bed, laying down on top of the soft covers and getting comfortable on my back, the cool air causing goosebumps to break out over my still slightly damp skin.

Anticipation was finally getting the best of me. I just couldn’t wait any longer to use my new toy. Between all the hype over it at the adult store, and my own eager horniness, and considering how long it’d been since I’d had a really great orgasm, I was raring to go.

I reached over and took the Satisfyer in my hands, admiring the smooth design and the boomerang like shape that it had to it. The woman at the store had explained to me that the shape was so I could hold it at an angle which allowed me to change up the pressure I received from it and still be able to access the buttons with my fingers of the same hand.

I placed it in my palm the way it was meant to be held, closing my fingers around it, and then I lowered it between my legs to my throbbing mound, hovering it just above where I was aching to be touched. Oh, yes, I could see how this would work perfectly, and the silicone was so soft, with a little lube, it would feel exquisite.

I brought it back up towards my face to view it again, even though now there was a pulsing between my legs that was screaming for me, begging not to be ignored. I was already so anxious.

Teasing myself just a few moments longer, I squeezed my legs together, forcing myself to hold off. I moaned a little at the pressure, feeling my thighs start to slip and slide against one another as my juices were already starting to leak down and coat my legs.

I ran the toy along my fingers again, feeling the softness of it once more, imagining how slippery and silky it would feel around my clit. I turned on the pulsing button, listening to the odd quiet little sound of the motor that I had heard earlier in the store, and I wondered if I would ever get through all 11 pulse settings.

Then, just for a little extra fun, I turned on the vibration button below, activating the vibrator in the handle. I know that there was a multitude of combinations of vibrations and pulses that I could choose from, but for now, I decided to keep it on the first one. I would explore more once I’d got a feel for the thing.

I set the toy down on the bed for a moment and reached over to grab the bottle of lube beside me. I squeezed a couple of drops of the slippery liquid onto my fingers, and then I gently let them slide over my lips before applying a little bit of pressure, forcing them wide open. Then I moved my fingers upwards towards my clit, making sure to cover it in lots of lube but not keeping my fingers there too long. I was horny enough as it was, and I wanted to orgasm from my toy.

Slowly, biting my bottom lip as I intensely watched my own hands moving, I spread my legs and lowered the toy towards my clit, the toy humming quietly away on the lowest setting. As I placed the end of the Satisfyer over my clit it felt like a tiny, soft circular thing almost swallowed over it, surrounding me completely in silky softness. Added with the lube, it created a wonderful tight seal.

I gasped, the feeling of the air pulses and the movements around my clit so foreign and yet, so delicious and inviting. I wanted more. I quickly hit the positive sign on the pulse button twice, kicking it up a few notches, my gasp turning into a moan as I felt the sensations increase. This toy was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I was in heaven right now.

Suddenly, just as fast as the toy had picked up speed, my sexual need increased with it, and I was gripping at the bedsheets beside me with my free hand, my moan turning into a cry of surprise mixed with enjoyment. I had gone from turned on to damn close to an orgasm, already, and my hand holding the toy to my clit was trembling and white knuckled around it.

Holy shit, this toy was made from magic. Witchcraft. Sorcery, something. I would almost describe it as the worlds smallest, softest and most skilled tongue, lips, mouth, I don’t even know, touching me all at the same time, gently licking, lapping, teasing at my clit, yet not touching me at all. There wasn’t even any real stimulation to my clit, and yet I was about to climb the walls around me. This was not an average vibrator.

I applied a little more pressure with the toy, using my middle finger to press the pulse button up one more time, and then I was screaming, a series of moans and cries and obscenities pouring from my mouth as I felt pleasure flowing through me from my head to my toes, an orgasm suddenly only moments away.

I threw my head back onto the pillow, shutting my eyes, my legs still bent with my knees up and outwards, toes curled, one hand working away between my legs, the other tangled in the sheets beside me. All thoughts left me, and my mind went blank in that moment as my whole body tensed up, and then I was crying out loud as I started to see stars through my squeezed shut eyelids, an orgasm ripping through me in waves, causing me to shudder and shake on the bed.

I rode out the waves, gasping, waiting to calm down and catch my breath but my orgasm never really subsided as the toy just kept on sucking, licking, whatever it was doing to me. It felt incredible. As it wasn’t really touching me, there wasn’t this oversensitivity around my clit from my first orgasm, and I knew another one was only minutes away.

With my eyes still closed, I imagined a lover laid out on my bed between my legs, their mouth pleasing me instead of this toy, and the sensations were so very similar that I felt myself crying out in pleasure once more, pushing the toy harder against me as my stomach clenched and tightened up while another orgasm built up inside of me.

Bringing my free hand up to my chest, I cupped one of my breasts and squeezed the nipple, pinching it in between my fingers, pulling it away from my body. I made my way across to my other nipple, pinching that one, and at the same time I applied a little bit more pressure on the toy and pressed the pulse up button one more time.

I could feel sweat break out on my forehead as I arched myself upwards, the small of my back leaving the bed, my body wanting more. This was amazing.

Throwing my head backwards, hell, thrashing my whole body around on the bed at this point, I all but screamed out loud as I gave in to another orgasm, waves of pleasure coursing through me, leaving me breathless, shaking, a trembling mess on the bed, toes curled, eyes closed, one hand still gripped around the Satisfyer.

I squeezed my legs shut, tightening around the toy which still never let up its beautiful assault on my clit. Another orgasm flowed through me right after the second. My free hand was now tangled in my hair, almost pulling on it, my body tense, shaking yet stone solid.

I rode out this third wave until I honestly couldn’t handle it anymore, ripping the toy off my clit with a cry, shutting it off and tossing it to the bed beside me. I laid there totally exhausted, utterly spent. I could barely breath. My body felt so heavy, my legs were shaking, and I swore I was still seeing stars even when my eyes were open.

My heart was pounding in my chest, and I glanced over at the clock on my night table in disbelief, almost jarring my sensitive heart even more. How had only 7 minutes passed, and yet I’d just had 3 of the most intense orgasms of my life?

I rolled over, eyeing the toy laying on the bed beside me, feeling my pussy twitch in excitement all over again. I reached down between my legs gingerly. Almost unbelievably, I wasn’t sore or overly sensitive from all those orgasms, and I wondered if I could go at it again. I lay there dreamily, thinking about all of the fun I was going to have with my Satisfyer.

I hope you enjoyed another sexy erotica by Lady Mack, and if you'd like to hear me read it out loud, as I am slowly getting my youtube channel up and running please click here:

Thanks again for all your fabulous support friends! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! Stay tuned for more adult toy reviews and eroticas based off of them!!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre, xoxo

Lady Mack, Sex Ed, Sexual Education, The Satisfyer
The Satisfyer Pro+Vibration

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Using adult toys nowadays is very common whether single or in a relationship. This gives more pleasure in sex activities.

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