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NSFW18+ His Turn; Elevator Erotica Part 2

We eventually make it to the door of our hotel room, and now it’s his turn to struggle, his fingers fumbling with the key card in the door, trying to open it as I distract him. My hands are running up and down his arms, and I lean forward to kiss the inside of his neck, giggling as he still can’t quite manage to slip the card inside of the door. A terrible joke pops into my mind, but I push it aside. He probably won’t find it as funny as I do.

I’m still laughing quietly as he finally manages to get the door open, and an instant later we are inside, and at long last, alone. He holds his arm around my waist, swinging me around with him as he slams the door shut behind us, my body pressed tightly against his. It’s easy for me to tell that he’s still very much excited from our little oral play in the elevator a few moments ago.

He continues to hold me tightly as he takes a few steps towards the bed, and I follow, stumbling my feet over his, and giggling as he leans in and kisses me softly. I can taste myself on his lips, on his tongue. I moan slightly and he breaks away from our kiss after only a teasingly short second, and with a slight push he tosses me down on the hotel bed in front of us.

I sit up with a sly smile and he’s already undoing his pants. “Lie down,” he tells me with a wink, in that demanding, assertive tone I love, “on your back, with your face down here at the end of the bed, and that pretty mouth of yours up towards me.” A thrill shudders through me. I know exactly what he wants.

Flipping my body over on the bed, I adjust my skirt to give him a bit of a show. I’m still not wearing panties and a damp patch has now formed on the back of it, a mixture of my wetness and cum from earlier. I lay back on the mattress, head slightly hanging over the edge of the foot of the bed, now looking at him upside down. He’s still standing in the same spot, with that sly sexy smile on his face, only now his cock is out and he’s stroking it slowly as it grows harder a few inches from my face.

Licking my lips gently I try to tease him, entice him into taking my mouth, and he lets out a groan and does exactly that. Crossing the space between us in a few quick steps, he reaches down and cradles the back of my head with one hand to support me while slowly using the other to guide his cock towards my face, rubbing it along my cheek and across my unopened, wet lips.

I part them slowly and let the head of his cock slide inside, sucking on him softly, feeling another inch of his cock slide into my mouth as his groan grows louder, his fingers putting pressure on the back of my head. “Fuuuck, I love your mouth,” he moans softly, pulling his cock out slightly before pushing it back in a little bit further, brushing the back of my tongue and closer to the back of my throat.

I try to roll my tongue around his cock in circles, finding it slightly difficult to do upside down, and a little bit of spit slips out of my lips and slides down my cheek. It was so strangely erotic to be giving him a blow job upside down like this. I keep moving my tongue around the head of his cock, licking it and gently sucking on it with my lips before trying to make my way along the shaft again.

His hand is still cradling the back of my head for support, his fingers entwined in my hair, and I can tell when something pleases him a lot because his fingertips press a little harder into my scalp, not hurting me, almost squeezing me, very much enjoying this upside down blow job himself.

He grips the base of his cock and pulls it out of my mouth, stroking the shaft slowly while looking down at me upside down, and I lick my lips at him again. He pushes his cock forward and runs the head of it all over my lips, and I can taste his precum as I gently tease him with the end of my tongue. Softly moving it over the hole and the underneath to the soft sensitive spot, I feel him shudder over me in pleasure.

He moans louder now and thrusts his cock back into my mouth once more, this time his hips thrusting forward a bit harder and his cock sliding right down the back of my tongue into my throat, causing me to gag slightly. When he pulls out, more spit slips out with his hard cock, once more dripping down my cheek. I don’t even know how to describe how hot that felt. Moving his hips, he slides his cock in and out of my mouth a few more times, gagging me each time, spit dripping down my face.

After a few more times of this he shifts his weight forwards and moves slightly to the side of me, his cock once more sliding part way down my throat, and I feel his hand reach down my stomach. Continuing to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, just a little shallower and gentler now, he starts rubbing his fingers along my wet mound at the same time.

We are in the strangest position, him standing, almost straddling over my upside down body on the bed. His cock is sliding in and out of my mouth and sometimes far enough down my throat to make me gag at the same time as he reaches down my body, with my skirt hiked up and no panties on, playing with my exposed pussy. I spread my legs a little wider, giving him more access to me.

I can tell he’s getting close to cumming. He’s moaning and groaning, thrusting his cock further into my mouth every time, forcing me to place my hands on the front of his thighs to try to take what little control I can of the upside down blow job as he fucks my mouth and finger fucks me at the same time.

Two of his fingers are deep inside of me now, rubbing my g spot as his thumb caresses my clit roughly, and I can tell I’m going to cum soon too, a second time tonight, my stomach tightening once more, my thighs clenching around his arm, wanting to trap him there, wanting more.

He cries out over top of me, his body shuddering, and I feel his balls tighten along my face as his cock begins to stiffen even more, jerking slightly in my mouth. Then I feel him freeze over me as he releases his load of hot cum deep in my mouth, most of it going straight down my throat.

He grips me hard with the hand between my legs at the same time, fingers deep in me as his palm now grinds into my clit as my hips rise upwards to meet him, and the way he’s taking me and using me forces me over the edge into my own orgasm, my moan muffled with his cock slowly still sliding in and out of my mouth.

There is cum and spit leaking all down my face when he finally pulls away, and I’m shaking so badly from my own orgasm that I almost fall right off the bed. He catches me, turning me and laying down with me on the bed, our clothes still a mangled mess, cum all over my face, both of us totally spent and breathing heavy.

We spend a few moments catching our breath, both of us spent and needing a time out before we undress and continue to make the most of our hotel night out.

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