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Lesbian Erotica 18+ New Years Eve Kiss

Staci wanders through the packed bar, fighting her way amongst the crowd, her heart pounding even louder than the music blasting through the speakers. Her eyes dart frantically across the sea of crowded people who are dancing, drinking, mingling, and waiting for the midnight ball to drop. She’s desperately searching for someone, looking once more for the eyes she knew she had locked onto, and the face that was forever imprinted on her mind. Could Rebekka really be here? Tonight?

The pair had split a few months prior, although it had been on Rebekka’s insistence, and Staci was still not over the breakup. She had respected Rebekka’s wishes though and given her space, hell, she had even tried dating a little bit, but nothing was working. She just couldn’t seem to move on. Staci had come here tonight determined to put all of this behind her and start the new year off right, with a fresh start, and now here Rebekka was, at the same place, somewhere in this hoard of people, like some sort of cruel joke played on her by the universe. And was it just her imagination, or did Rebekka look sort of happy and sad to see her all at once?

The music changes, and then changes again as she forces her way through the bar, people bumping and pressing up against her, dancing and laughing, everyone so happy, growing more and more excited as it gets closer to the midnight hour and the changing of years. Staci scans the crowd once more, becoming frustrated that she can’t find Rebekka, wondering if maybe she had imagined the whole thing. She needs air, fighting to breath against the smell of people, perfume, cologne, sweat, and alcohol. She starts to make her way towards the smokers patio, wanting to get outside and get away from all of this for a little bit.

Suddenly, as if by fate, people part in front of her, and there is Rebekka, standing part way between Staci and the smokers patio door, staring directly at her. The bar may be packed to capacity, but right in this moment, they may as well be the only ones in the place, time seeming to stand still, everything around them feeling like it’s all grown silent and coming to a stop.

Staci can’t even breath. She can feel her blood pulsing throughout her body, everything vibrating, her heart pounding and her hands growing sweaty. She has to force herself to swallow past the lump that’s forming in her throat and push her feet to move, crossing the bar floor and closing the distance between them even though she is scared shitless. She has so much left to say, she doesn’t even know where to begin, but the throbbing between her legs demands to be at the top of that list. This doesn’t seem accidental. This seems like it was meant to be.

It feels like an eternity before Staci’s feet bring her to Rebekka, and she stops just arms length away, as if she’s hit a wall and cannot get any closer. Their eyes connect again, and sparks fly once more, so intense you can almost hear them. She’s so tongue-tied and awkward, she doesn’t know what to say, and a panic starts to consume her as she worries she may screw up her one and only shot at making things right. “Hi,” she says, forcing herself to speak.

“Hey yourself,” Rebekka answers, and then in the moment of lingering silence that follows, they both find themselves laughing at the familiar awkwardness, and suddenly, the spell is broken. “You look good,” Staci tells her, biting her bottom lip, and Rebekka tells her that she looks good too, really good. Staci can’t help but blush at this, feeling her face redden and her face start to burn from the rush of blood to her cheeks.

All of a sudden the music cuts out around them, and the DJ’s voice booms through the speakers. “30 seconds to the new year! Are you ready? Make some noise!” Everyone around them erupts into crazy chaos, but they may as well be alone in the bar, standing inches from each other now as the clock gets closer to midnight. They’re both shifting nervously from foot to foot, uncertain of the next move to make, or what the other one wants exactly, totally oblivious to the world around them.

The DJ breaks through the music once more, announcing the 10 second countdown, and everyone around them begins to chant. Staci can’t take her eyes off Rebekka’s lips though, they look so inviting, so juicy and tempting, and all she can think about is kissing her ex girlfriend one more time. Oh, hell, she thinks to herself, am I really going to do this? Then Rebekka bites at her lower lip lightly, tempting, teasing her, inviting her in. Well, I only get one life, and what’s the worst she can do to me, dump me twice? With that, Staci closes the remaining gap between them at 2 seconds left, and presses her lips against Rebekka’s at the stroke of midnight, new years.

Rebekka hesitates for only a second, and then Staci feels her whole body soften and press back against her, eagerly, urgently. Her mouth opens, and her soft, wet, warm tongue pushes its way past Staci’s parted lips, wiggling its way inside. Sparks turn to fireworks, and Staci’s entire body responds, tingling, butterflies erupting in her stomach and her pussy throbbing and growing instantly wet. She remembers well the feeling of those wet lips and that warm tongue somewhere else, and a groan starts in the back of her throat and slips from her lips, vibrating against Rebekka’s.

Their hands are moving freely, roaming, exploring, as their bodies press tightly against one another and they act like they are alone in the bar, unable to get enough of each other now that they’re finally locked in an embrace once more. The music is playing and the crowd is moving and pushing against them once more by the time they eventually break free and pull away from their kiss.

“Did we really just do that?” Rebekka asks, her eyes still closed, arms wrapped tightly around Staci’s waist. Staci lets out a soft laugh, pressing her cheek against Rebekka’s, inhaling the sweet scent of Rebekka’s perfume. “Yes,” she replies. Now it’s Rebekka’s turn to moan softly, yet Staci still hears her over the pounding of the music, feels her little sigh of air brush against her neck. “Kiss me again,” Rebekka continues, “I want more.”

Staci’s entire body responds to this. Her loins are screaming out for more. She doesn’t know what any of this means, but right now she isn’t going to question it, because she wants more just as much as Rebekka does. Let the new year bring what it will.

She leans forward and lightly wraps her hand around the back of Rebekka’s head and pulls her in for another kiss, tenderly this time, but still as passionately, with as much urgency. Staci forces her tongue into Rebekka’s mouth, and at the same time presses her body up against her ex lovers, pushing her knee between her legs, feeling Rebekka grind down onto her and her arms pull tighter around her, holding her close. Staci didn’t care how many people saw them right now, she didn’t care about anything other than Rebekka.

When Rebekka pulled away this time, Staci was almost panting, and her body was on fire. Her pussy was no longer throbbing, it was pulsing, and she was so wet her panties were damp. She almost lets out a groan, she needs Rebekka badly. She needs them to finish what they’ve started here tonight. And apparently Rebekka feels the same way, because as she pulls away she whispers, “I need you, NOW.” Then, she takes Staci by the hand and turns away, starting to walk and pull them both towards the bathrooms at the back.

Now it’s Staci’s turn to hesitate, but only to make sure this is what Rebekka really wants. Rebekka only laughs at first and then continues to lead her to the back. “Yes, please,” she finally replies over her shoulder, “I need you, badly.” Staci feels the pulsing between her legs throb in response, and she lets out a little giggle of her own, now following eagerly.

The girls have a quick peek around to make sure that no ones watching them, and then they quickly sneak into the bathroom, holding hands, making their way inside the stall and locking it shut behind them. They begin to make out heavily again, but now that they’re alone, and together once more, all Rebekka’s reservations are gone, and she happily takes control.

Staci feels herself being shoved up against the wall, Rebekka’s hands all over her at the same time her hot, wet mouth is all over hers, tongue once more pushing its way inside. Staci presses her body back into Rebekka’s, wanting more and more as Rebekka’s hands explore her, sliding along her sides, grabbing her by the hips and thrusting her body into her, then slowly making their way up underneath her shirt.

Letting out a sigh of contentment, Staci leans back against the bathroom stall wall, allowing Rebekka to have her way with her. It has been too long since she’d felt those soft, smooth hands all over her burning skin. Rebekka’s fingers trace their way up her stomach, then over the curve of her breasts before she grabs them both roughly in her hands, squeezing them. Staci’s sigh turns to a moan as Rebekka starts to pinch and pull on them, freeing them from the top of her lacy bra.

As she grows more excited, Rebekka moves her mouth away from Staci’s and starts to lick and nibble her way down Staci’s chin, neck and along her collar bone, taking care to touch all of Staci’s most sensitive spots. As she lightly bites and caresses Staci’s neck, her hands move back down, across Staci’s soft stomach and slowly start to tug at her pants, pulling them away from her body enough to slide her hand down inside.

Staci’s whole body cries out in response, and she thrusts her hips forward, wanting more. Rebekka cups her mound with the palm of her hand, over her panties, feeling her warmth and the wetness soaking through before she squeezes her a little bit and forces her palm over Staci’s clit, rubbing her through her panties, causing her to cry out.

People have still been coming and going from the bathroom, but the girls are oblivious to them, although Rebekka moves her mouth back up to Staci’s to muffle the sound of her cries of passion. After teasingly rubbing Staci’s lips and folds above her underwear, feeling her body buck and vibrate against her, thrusting and begging, she eventually pulls them to the side, exposing Staci to her fingers.

She takes her time, lightly touching Staci’s wet lips with the tips of her fingers, running them up and down the length of her wet snatch, her fingers slipping easily through Staci’s juices. Then she spreads her, wide, using her fingers to hold Staci’s lips open for a moment before finally touching her most intimate places, feeling Staci cry out into her mouth as she fingers make contact with her clit.

Staci is already so worked up, her body is on fire and her vagina is dripping as Rebekka’s fingers finally begin to touch her, explore her, rubbing circles around her hard little nub before slowly making their way down to her wet hole, forcing two of them deep inside, sliding right in to her knuckle. She’s shaking, grabbing at the top of the wall behind her, forcing her hips into Rebekka’s hand as Rebekka’s fingers wiggle inside of her, pressing into her g-spot, wetness leaking out of her, soaking them both.

Orgasm is not far away now. Staci lets her know between pants and moans, breaking their kiss to tell Rebekka she’s about to cum. Rebekka never lets up, she slides her two fingers in and out of Staci’s tight wet hole, slamming into her g-spot every time and rubbing her palm roughly against Staci’s protruding clit as well. Staci feels her stomach clench and everything inside her tighten and explode as Rebekka pushes her over the edge, crying out in orgasm as her body gives in.

She shudders and lets go, giving in, her knees almost buckling out from under her. She wraps her arms around Rebekka and holds her close, breathing heavily as Rebekka slides her fingers in and out of her a few more times before removing them and bringing them to her own mouth, licking them clean.

The sight of her of doing that gets Staci going all over again, and now she can’t wait for her turn. She grabs Rebekka by the sides of her arms and shoves her back against the other wall, pressing her body against Rebekka’s soft form, kissing her deeply, pressing her tongue into Rebekka’s mouth as she starts grabbing and ripping at her pants, urgently and desperately.

Rebekka breaks their kiss and laughs, but Staci isn’t laughing. She needs this. She undoes Rebekka’s pants quickly and then drops to her knees in front of her ex girlfriend, right there in the bathroom stall, and starts pulling them down, needing to taste her. Rebekka doesn’t argue, she just shifts the way she’s standing and slides her foot over to the ledge of the toilet to rest it on as Staci exposes her, opening herself up.

Staci can smell her the moment her panties are down, but as anxious as she is she waits a moment, staring at the beautiful sight in front of her before pressing her mouth to Rebekka’s vagina, kissing it gently, teasingly, getting a moan out of Rebekka up above her.

Then she raises her hands, using her fingers to spread Rebekka, and slowly licks up the length of her, from her hole to her clit, tasting all of her juices once more and loving every drop. When she gets to Rebekka’s clit, she stops, pulling it lightly between her lips and licking and sucking on it, making Rebekka cry out even though there are people in the bathroom, and she grabs Staci by the back of the head and holds her close, grinding herself into Staci’s face, wanting more.

Still sucking on Rebekka’s hard button, she slides two of her own fingers into Rebekka’s tight hole, pushing them in deep, and Rebekka tightens up around her. She starts sliding her fingers in and out, fucking Rebekka with her fingers while pulling her clit into her mouth, sucking and licking her. She can feel Rebekka’s hands digging into the back of her head, keeping her there while almost fucking her face.

Rebekka’s cries of passion are getting louder, she’s begging and panting and moaning, and Staci knows her orgasm won’t be far now. She never stops, pushing her fingers in harder and deeper, pulling Rebekka’s clit with her soft lips, running her tongue around it in circles. Rebekka lets out a groan, pushing her whole body into Staci, almost knocking her off her feet as her orgasm rips through her, her body vibrating around Staci.

Staci lightly licks her a few more times, not missing a drop of Rebekka’s sweet cum, before she slowly pulls her face away and makes her way to her feet, pulling Rebekka close and kissing her once more, the taste of her juices mixing in with their kiss. “Happy new years,” Staci whispers softly when they part.

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