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Read my story below on how I went from Homeless to Self-Published

I'm Carissa McIntyre

Also known as Lady Mack, Xo


My name is Carissa McIntyre, also known as Lady Mack Xo, and I am a mid 30's mother of 3 and a self published erotica author, public speaker and workshop facilitator from Peterborough, Ontario Canada.


I started out on this path to becoming an author while homeless, living in the Peterborough Crossroads Women's Shelter with 4 children, one who was not mine, after fleeing a toxic relationship. Writing was all I had. I was depressed, broken, and lost. It was the lowest point in my life, but from that has come something incredible.


My life, my children, myself, we are blossoming, because I found the strength to push forward. Writing CUFFED, my very first erotica novel, publishing it, finally seeing my life long dream come true, it sparked a fire inside of me again. It gave me purpose. It saved me. It gave me passion.


And now, I want to share that passion and purpose with the world, through my writing, my workshops, and my love for life.

Carissa McIntyre

Lady Mack, Xo

Current News

Right now my website is going through a little bit of an update, so keep checking back for some exciting changes!

I am hitting some big daily writing goals right now, and making great progress on my next novel release...

It's a steamy yet thrilling apocalyptic erotica novel, and I am beside myself in anticipation watching it come to life!

I've also been dabbling away at the 4th and final novel in my Cuffed series.


I am also working on an explicit threesome story that will be available for download on my mailing list, which always includes sneak peeks, discounts and freebees, so make sure you are signed up for that, you don't want to miss out!

Thanks for being here my lovely friends! 

Lady Mack, Xo

Looking To Purchase A Signed Book, AND support local?

I have been truly blessed to be able to work with some local businesses, and I am ever so grateful for their support!

If you like MEAT... You HAVE to check out

True North Smoke
Urban Road House!

They are located downtown Peterborough, Ontario, and they carry a delicious menu of amazing food!

Plus, all of my novels! They are really big on supporting local too, and can be enjoyed dine in, take out, or even skip the dishes :)

If you are looking for something ADULT themed... Please go to Cobourg and check out

The Little Corner and Co, La Femmina Angolo!

It's an 18+ local owned shop, filled with toys, entertainment, workshops and more, plus my novels, and the owner is an incredible woman doing some great things!

And last but not least, our local own chain of Forbidden Pleasures adult stores were the very first to showcase my signed novels, and I am SO thankful for them!

They have 3 stores that have my novels in stock plus all kinds of adult fun, 2 in Peterborough and one in Oshawa, so make sure to pop in there and add to your bedside collection :) 

Image by David Werbrouck
Image by Adrien Olichon

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