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I'm Carissa McIntyre

Also known as Lady Mack, Xo

I'm an erotica author, public speaker and professional life coach, as well as a workshop facilitator, and sexual educator.

I started out on this path to becoming an author while homeless, living in the Peterborough Crossroads Women's Shelter with 4 children, one who was not mine, after fleeing a toxic relationship. Writing was all I had. I was depressed, broken, and lost. It was the lowest point in my life, but from that has come something incredible.


My life, my children, myself, we are blossoming, because I found the strength to push forward. Writing CUFFED, my very first erotica novel, publishing it, finally seeing my life long dream come true, it sparked a fire inside of me again. It gave me purpose. It saved me. It gave me passion.


And now, I want to share that passion and purpose with the world, through my writing, my workshops, and my love for life.

Carissa McIntyre

Lady Mack, Xo


Current News

I have just released my brand new novel REDACTED!

It is the fourth and final book in the CUFFED Demi and Adam story. I hope it's the ending you were hoping for! 

You can find the novel on Amazon, Kindle, and signed by me from my online Boutique, LadyMack's LoveShack.

Sex games, body oils, tasty treats, dressing up, sensual play, self love products and more!

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