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Lady Mack's Explicit Toy Reviews

Got your eye on an exciting new toy, but you're not sure how to use it? 

Check out these delightful fun treasures, with more cumming soon...

Not only can each toy be purchased right here, but each has an explicit erotica story with it, as well as a video how to, and a recorded teaser reading. 

Get ideas, get turned on, get playing!

Please make sure you are subscribed to my mailing list on my main page to receive the free PDF erotica story for each of these toys and so much more...

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Meet Liz Pave - Jopen

This is an exciting, 7 function finger vibrator that is not gender specific, and can be used in many ways. Please subscribe to my email list for a FREE PDF erotica story that showcases this toy in explicit detail, for ideas, stimulation and more!

Not that kind of ring pdf story.png
Meet Satisfyer Pro+

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This toy will suck the soul right out of you through your clit. Or the head of your penis.

It uses air pulsing technology to bring you orgasm after orgasm without touching your ever sensitive areas. It's a must have.

Read the explicit story in my blog section for ideas and stimulation, and check out my youtube videos on it below.

Getting Satisfyed.png
Meet The Lipstick Vibrator

No product

This toy review started out as something funny and cute, but honestly, this toy packs a powerful punch and makes for steamy, fun and discrete playtime...

Or, not so discrete.

Please subscribe to my email list for a FREE PDF download public use erotica story of this lipstick vib.

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