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I am Excited to hear about Fantasy Roll playing & how to tell your partner without Freaking them out. I Loved your blog about the Big, "O". That was the absolute truth about Communicating where you want to be touched.

After all the Holidays are Adrift, how to keep your Sex Life Pop'en in the muddy Spring?

Ok, so, Now that You all know I like Sex....Hello, I have children. I am a very fun but Serious get to the point kinda gal. I too have a Book in the works. Its been printed and now the addingg and rewriting begins again as I Dip into another Direction. My son was popular, in sports and seemed to be happy, but underneath his Beautiful brown eyes & Smile was Something Dark. Guess you will all have to wait until I can talk to kids about Self love, Self Worth and Self Trust. Communication is the Only Tool to Let Someone know how you Feel.

Just like Carrissa Put it, Your Mind, body & Soul has to be in it.

Angela Johnson
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