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Why The Push For 50 Erotica Book Sales?

Hey friends! Happiest of Monday's to you, or, whatever wonderful day it is when you happen to be reading my blog.

I'm in a fabulous mood this morning, I can't help myself. It's the last 2 days of April, I have 11 novels left to sell to hit the biggest business goal of my life so far, and I honestly just feel incredible about the entire month, my business, sales, everything!!

I know I have done a LIVE video on this on my facebook, but I talk fast, I talk a lot, and I am always all over the map, even when I have a plan LOL, and I really wanted to put everything that I am feeling down on paper, so to speak, because that's what I do best.

But before I do, I just need to say that I have hustled my tail off this month, and I am damn proud of me. Tooting my own horn right now, toot toot. I'm seeing a side to my determination I haven't seen yet, and I'm thrilled to find out where it will lead me. Your passion is always filling your dreams for bigger, for more.

2019 is my second real year in business, and now, things are getting serious.

My first year was so much trial and error. Especially since I started off in such a low place in my life, homeless with my kids, depressed, broken, so lost, but holding onto this one novel I had wrote, and this big dream of being a best selling author.

When I first started this business, I was starting out on assistance. I needed financial aid to get me back on my feet again. There is a stigma to welfare that really needs to be broken. Yes, there are people who abuse it, like with anything in life, there are always going to be people who abuse anything they've been given, but for most of us, there is a time in our life when we really need it. And for me, personally, I was willing and ready to work for it.

I have zero shame in the fact that I needed help, I asked for it, and I took it, because that is what it's there for. But, a few months ago when I was interviewed with Michelle Ferreri on her #ParkingWithMF segment, I told the world I used assistance, and honestly, there was some backlash from that. Like, people seemed to want to feel ashamed for me, since I clearly wasn't going to be ashamed of it for myself.

Ya'll, we need to STOP THAT!!

That first year, when I created Lady Mack, and I kept writing and trying my hand at everything that I could, figuring out where it would fit into my business, or if it would fit, some people were definitely uncertain about my choice of direction, but damn, most of ya'll were incredibly supportive, and my books, they SOLD! You guys bought them!! I made money!

And somewhere around the end of the first year, after that break down I had after the holidays, which we are not going to speak about, it became clear to me, right down to my very soul, that this was going to happen. That I could really do this with my life. I could make my dreams come true. But it was going to take some work.

You guys know by now, this isn't the only thing I am doing with my life. Goodness no. I am a single momma of 3 kids, I have them full time. I support them 110% myself. And we have been healing, going through therapy, counselling, putting our family life, our home life back together at the same time. Trying to live normally again. Whatever normal is.

But I have this wild, unstoppable belief in myself now, and I have surrounded myself with some of the best people, who believe in me too. And I won't quit. I'm going to the top. I know that all my struggles, my late nights, my tears, my exhaustion, my trials, they will all pay off, it will be worth it.

I know in my heart and soul that if I really, really push, really hustle, I can take my business and my life to the next level.

See, I'm going on 2 years now, and there are times when I teeter totter on and off needing help. It is not just me this business supports, but 3 hungry little mouths, and that I wouldn't change for the world. And it's no ones business whether I need help with $5, or $500, but I am ready for more. I am ready to push until I don't need help. I am prepared to push until IIIII can be the one to GIVE help instead. I want to be free, so that I can give back.

I picked 50 novels sales in one month, 50 sold through me, signed with a kiss, sold via paypal, emt, any of my consignment stores or cash, because that was a number that could actually provide for myself, my family, and my business.

That was a number I'd yet to hit, and I know, if I can do it once, I can do it again, and more, and more. A push like this will only grow my audience, and boost my overall sales.

I'm pushing so hard for everyone, for me, for my family. I want to prove to myself that I can work my ass off and make my wildest dreams come true, that I can provide for my family, that I can truly live a life I LOVE!!

I'm doing this to show others that IT CAN BE DONE. You can rise from the ashes, from nothing, have lost it all, have a wild crazy out there dream that people think is nuts, and if you're determined enough to push yourself for it, you'll make it happen.

I believe in you.

I want you to believe in you too.

My novels took me from homeless, a lost shell of who I really was, and helped me grow into the confident, secure, filled with hope, love, and life woman I am today.

I set a goal this month for 50 books.

I have 11 left to sell in the next 2 days.

If you know anyone who might like to have a fancy at one, or all 5 of my novels, please send them my way, I will be forever grateful!!

Thank you for being a part of my dreams, my journey, my business, my LIFE. Thank you for your belief in m, for being there for me, for helping make this all happen for me. I wouldn't be able to do this without you. What is an author, who writes books, without readers who love to read them??

All my love friends,

Dream big...

Author Carissa McIntyre, Lady Mack xoxo

All 5 of my sexy erotica novels
All 5 of my sexy erotica novels

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