The Blog I Forgot - Or, At Least I Think I Forgot

Howdy friends! Happy weekend! At least, it's the weekend when I am writing this, and it's a rainy day, perfect for tucking up with my laptop and getting some writing done.

I meant to write this specific blog a few weeks (months) ago, and I may have even touched on it, (hence the, "I think I forgot about it" title) but now that I have a few minutes, my big kids are at a fundraiser for camp this summer and my wee one is having a long over due visit with her father, I can finally sit down and write this blog out in its well deserved entirety.

Remember that interview I did with #MichelleFerreri a few months back, sharing my story and my books with the world? (If you missed it, click here)

That interview really fueled a spark deep inside of me. And that spark? It has continued to grow, and expand, and heat up, and take over. This experience opened up a part of me that was still scared, hurting, laying dormant, waiting for its chance to burst free and shine.

Michelle is unbelievably inspiring. She is fun, spunky, and is just surrounded by this confident, I own myself aura that is so refreshing to be around. She really loves and cares about our city we live in, #Peterborough, she is so motivated, and kind, and DRIVEN! She really inspired me to take things farther, farther than I ever thought I could go, and then even farther than that.

On top of interviewing people with all these awe-inspiring stories from right here in our city, she also puts on these awesome shows at The Venue here every month. The first show I attended as a guest, and the second as a vendor, and wow, let me tell you, what an experience. Seriously. Michelle can put on an EVENT! And if you have never been to one, you are really missing out. I highly recommend you catch her next show in June, or even in July!! Her show won't just inspire you. It'll get you out of your seat, literally. It'll make you laugh, make you cry, make you laugh until you cry. It will motivate you, make you hope, believe, and DREAM BIG!

The first show of hers that I attended as a guest had me dreaming so big, my girlfriend and I were talking about how I could see my own blue colors lighting up the front way of the Venue as we hosted Self Love and Sex shows.

The second show of hers that I attended as a vendor had me dreaming even bigger. Hell, I came home from that event and made a public post about how she was #Goals and I wanted to be on her show one day. #FanGirl yes, but I have no shame.

I also got to actually meet, face to face, SO many women that day that had me in tears, sharing their stories with me, connecting with me, validating that feeling inside of me that I am doing the right thing with my life, in the right place, at the right time. I cried an awful lot that night, and not just from those ridiculously painful but beautiful looking heels I was wearing. #FacePalm. Don't let me shop for myself guys.

Life has started to turn for me, and I am happily giving in and turning with it. I am constantly meeting new people, having new experiences. Work is expanding into new territories. I feel so grateful, and blessed, with so damn much to be thankful for, especially just rolling over the second anniversary from the day I was homeless.

I am going to continue to share my story with the world. To inspire others. To teach others. To help others. To motivate them to change. To dream big. To SEE big, and to chase that shit down and own it, by digging deep within themselves and making peace with all the muck going forward.

The more strength I find in me, the more I love myself, the more I heal, the more I develop and grow. It's like a muscle. And I feel like it got a massive boost because Michelle decided to interview me and share my story with the world.

Please find her on social media, check out her interviews under the hashtag #ParkingWithMF, and give her a follow. Let some amazement into your life, let someone inspire you today.

All my love friends.

Thank you for reading.

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

My Interview With Michelle Ferreri

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