New year goals, and personal development updates!

Hey friends! Happy 2019! I hope this new year is amazing to you all, and blesses you with an abundance of amazing things!

I am already off to a great start, hustling away behind the scenes and making things happen to bring you some incredible stuff this year, and in the years to come! I hope you all enjoyed my erotica blog I posted for new years, I have quite a few more to share with you, so keep reading!

I don't really make resolutions. I started working on some serious personal development a few months ago though, and I am seeing incredible changes there, which I will talk about shortly. I do set big goals for my life and for my business each year though, and those I want to share with you as well.

I have some huge writing goals for this year. Starting off with this series of erotica blogs I plan to bring to you for another few weeks, that's going to lead us into February and my Lady Mack Love Letter courses again!! Hosting both a successful online class AND an in store class at You're Welcome Peterborough are two other goals for me. I'm even expanding that into vows and wedding renewals and speeches too! Whatever you need help with!

So for the next few months you can expect a LOT more blogging, lots of random Lady Mack ramblings, tons of steamy erotica blogs of all types, and me working hard on my classes! However, that's not all.

I have promised you guys at least two novels this year, and I have my sights on releasing them both before summer. Early spring, if I can hustle hard enough. The second of these novels, which will be my seventh, is very different from the rest, and may just be the book that puts me on the best sellers list yet!

As for my personal development, I read through The Magic once in entirety, and I swear it's changed my life. I've been reading some self development books like crazy, and taking everything that I am reading to heart. Slowly, as it doesn't happen over night and takes work and patience, I am making huge mental changes that are a long time coming, releasing things that were never mine to carry, and learning to be excessively grateful for pretty much every fucking thing in my life. In doing so, I have seen 103763x more things in my daily life to appreciate, to be thankful for, and I have seen things begin to arrive in abundance. It is truly life changing, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for me next.

If you are feeling like you've hit a wall with your life, or are in a slump, I know it sounds cliché, but work on yourself, and your self development. In the fall I was edging towards a shitty place again, another relationship fell apart, I felt like I was at a wall with my business, and I was struggling with depression all over again. It's been three, maybe four months, I started this self development journey, truly with my whole heart at the end of September, and I swear, absolutely everything around me has changed for the better. And I love it.

I recommend starting with The Magic, but please do not beat yourself up over it if you can't get through it properly. I think it took me 3 real tries, and even on my fourth, after I had finally completed it and wanted to do it again, I faltered lol. It's life. It happens. But the little changes, the things that stick, will make the world of difference.

Happy 2019 friends. I look forward to growing with you this year, and seeing all of the wonderful places that life takes us, and all the good it has in store!

Thanks for reading!!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

Lady Mack, Author, Writer, Self Published, Indie Author, Carissa McIntyre
Laughing my way into 2019!

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