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Hey everyone! It's Carissa again, and I just wanted to write out a big, huge, bottom of my heart and soul thank you to every single one of you who has been a part of getting this video out on the internet. Whether it was a like, a comment, a share, if you reached out to me with kind words or your own story, THANK YOU. Seriously.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, you can find it on the YWCA Peterborough page here:[0]=68.ARAMSH9EjqP8GR39ViDrNWF6CnHyoszebX7mnddup7B0MnRdDzca9MKP74oXbl3VoB6bB4w8Q9mhw__PuasbruKjE-DVtzVzaJ_WMYbQZIdwYA9YfbpYI1HkrPcDUeLu_0YlYAGOBWPiDO64sAORvfmSN2LI0QBETNSabXhQEhPBDcvGrbg_0HqdggrsXm_48qoXJtmt8GbKpPIlL5D1VmPlNIytBTH3ycgvk-g7Y7ilrCv7Uuigln31wXx7C94y0GWrw-S_2LPQQbg_zHcLDp_odRyO9S0xkmWPurFwD-L0k4WVHRta7_eWnuZyt9SpAuImp5Wgyq3jpzZ0B1jps2vVMm9jJmU1&__tn__=FCH-R

Sorry that link is so big yall. I wish I knew how to shorten it for you, but please, give it a watch.

A few months ago I was hit with this feeling that I needed to give back. I needed to do something with my story and with my experience, I just didn't know what.

So I made a facebook LIVE video on my page and I poured my heart out about what I went through and I said, if somehow I can use this, if someone knows how, please reach out to me.

The very next day I was emailed by someone involved with the YWCA organization. She was NOT emailing me in regards to my video, because she had never seen it. She had literally just came across my file, and wanted to reach out to me about my stay at the shelter.

So I went in and met with her, and she is a wonderful woman, and I told her my story, and from that, an entire world of opportunities opened up for me to be able to use my story in a way to give back, and help others.

Here in Peterborough, the shelter receives less than 40% of its funding from the government. That means 60+% of the money that goes to put a roof over women and children's heads, feeds them, clothes them, provides them resources, helps them get back on their feet and start a new life, therapy, counselling, guidance, housing, courts, lawyers, financial help, restarting their life, and so much more... that comes from the community.

And we NEED a place that people can go, where they are safe, and warm, and fed, where they can really work to give themselves a new life. WE NEED THAT.

We also need women, men, children, we need the world to know that this place exists. That there IS somewhere to go. No judgement. Open arms. Guidance. You don't have to be scared. There is help.

I want to help. I wan to empower and inspire and show them that there's a whole new life awaiting for them, whatever their dreams may be, even if it's just a safe, warm place to sleep at night, with happiness and love, food and family. I want to show them that there's a better way.

So once more, I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't be here without so many of you helping me, reaching out, supporting me, and that goes for people around the world as well. So many of us hit a rough patch, and need the love and help and support of others. Be that for someone. I'll be their voice.

Thank you, and peace and love to all of you tonight.

Much Love,

Author Carissa McIntyre, Lady Mack xoxo

Lady Mack, Author, Erotica, Carissa McIntyre
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