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Hey everyone! Good morning! Lady Mack here on this rainy Wednesday, and I just wanted to transcribe my latest facebook video's for you guys, so you all know what I am up to these days :)

I went LIVE on facebook last week talking about wanting to get on LIVE videos more often, and different things to talk about, as I wanted some feedback and some ideas, and you were all so incredible at helping me out! Have a read! <3

Hey friends! I just wanted to have a little chat with you all this morning. I wanted to let you guys know about some of the tips I took from the last video I did, and how I am going to apply all of that going forward. I cannot thank you all enough for your amazing help. I received a ton of feedback, and not just in the video itself but other people as well messaged me and reached out, and as it is I still have a ton of messages to get back to still, haha. I am working on that. I need an assistant.

After I took everything you guys gave to me to heart, and soaked it all in, one of the things that a LOT of people mentioned was that I need to go LIVE more often. I used to go LIVE and do coffee chat's with Lady Mack all the time, that was a huge part of my business. But now people are mentioning a theme, or theme ideas I should run with, instead of just "chats". And there area lot of ways that I could spin that and put a theme on my videos.

Between all the inspirational work that I am doing now, with my novels that I am writing, life, erotica, kids and parenthood, I have a whole lot of ideas over here that I am working on. So here I am, going LIVE more to get the jitters out, and to find out some more feedback from others on whether this is something you guys would want from me.

The ideas I have been working on go from mini book readings LIVE, to keeping you guys all up to date and in the loop with the motivational and inspirational talks I will be doing around town with some local businesses, and maybe I could go LIVE for those if you would like. Someone had mentioned doing LIVES on romance and erotica, and life, and tying those things together. Like, how we are finding time to date as single parents, how new parents find time to still make love and get that spark back, or how long term couples keep that spark alive.

I don't know, I am so excited and fueled by these ideas and the thought of getting back out there weekly, or daily, and talking with you all once again, and connecting more openly, that I am up for anything.

*Someone had to comment here, I wanna talk about sex baby, and I had to include it. My video's are always a ton of fun, I have a great facebook audience. If you are not following me on there, please do! Look me up under Author Carissa McIntyre, you can't miss me!

I wonder if I could find a copy of that song that facebook would let me play in the background of my videos while we talk about sex, haha. I would totally love to put up polls and idea posts to see exactly what you guys want to chat about when it comes to erotica and sex, because you know me, I will chat about everything, I am open. I mean, you guys know my short story erotica range from soft vanilla to the tabooist of the taboo.

*In response to a question* Sure, I can be like Sue Johannsson, but this will be more Sex Chat with Lady Mack, and we'll have coffee together, and talk about dildos and vibrators, and how to spice your life up. And I can read you all dirty stories that I've wrote.

And then we can flip right out of that on another day, and talk about biting the bullet and how to finally leave that toxic relationship if your life. I mean, I started this from nothing, when I was in the homeless shelter, with all 3 of my children, and a child who wasn't even mine, but I took her too. I did it, and I'm chasing my dreams, and I just want to share all of this with you guys. "Doing all the things." As someone said.

I need to find others way to promote my sexy books, and I want to talk sex with you guys. I want to talk about life. I want to talk about business, and I want us to motivate and help each other out. I want to share with you guys, and I really think this is a good way to do that. Enough people hopped in my inbox and on my other LIVE after I asked for help and suggestions and were like, you need to do this! And it is something that really makes my heart and soul feel good, so I hope that you guys are on board with me :)

So that's it! There is no sense in me doing this if you aren't going to join me, so I appreciate all this amazing feedback, and let's get together on my facebook and chat!

I would even love to do guest LIVES and have other people come online and chat with me, about their stories, their life, being homeless, broken, healing after a loss, hell, come on and talk to me about sex after 6 kids lol.

The things that we go through in life are not easy, but we are not alone. Starting over, leaving a bad situation, a bad life, losing everything after a business fails, a partner leaves, someone dies. Trying to rebuild your life, find yourself again, find support, find that spark. This is where I would love for us to come together, and share and heal together, laugh together and grow together.

Sometimes people are scared to make changes or reach out because they feel really alone. We are not alone. We need to talk about it, so others can talk about it. When I finally opened up I was able to make big changes in my life, and get the help and find the resources I needed for everything from starting over being homeless to building my business to publishing my novels to getting help with my confidence and well being, to lawyers and financial help. If we all work together on things like this, which is a big goal of mine with all the speaking I plan to do lately, we can show people what's truly available for them, what support they have, no matter what they are struggling with.

And to sum all that up, if you can't tell, I just want to help in anyway that I can. I want to educate, empower, inspire, I want to motivate people, help them find that spark inside of them, in their life, in their relationships. I want to share and help people heal. I want to take everything I have been through, from sexual education to being homeless, and help in every single way that I can.

So thanks for reading this far guys. I appreciate all the help and support as things grow here and I branch out and try new things. Please follow me on facebook and all my social media accounts, and pop on my LIVES to see what I'm up to right now.

My next LIVE is going to be on EROTICA themes and topics, taking place today, October 3, 2018, before lunch, and I can't wait to chat with you all!

Much Love,

Lady Mack, Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

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