Let's Talk About These Changes

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading along on yet another Lady Mack Blog! I have some exciting news to share with you guys, because the Universe is speaking again, and hell if I am not learning to listen! Because amazing things are coming my way!

If you guys have been following me on social media, you saw my new erotica cover debut! I did a little video chat about it, but now, I want to break it all down for you! Because I didn't just make a new cover, I have made some HUGE changes all around!

This newest book release has probably been my hardest one yet, with every challenge I could think of, and a dozen more I certainly did not, coming my way. I feel like this time, life really tested me. Wanted to see what I was made of, wanted to see how badly I wanted this, wanted to see how much I was willing to sacrifice to make this work.

And baby, I am willing to give it all. This is my passion, this is my DREAM!

This newest book damn near broke me. The whole way through. Writing this book came straight from my soul. In fact, a lot of this Cuffed series come from my own heart, and reflects my own heart ache and love. (Get your minds out of the gutter. I am not a rich widow kidnapped and in love with a handsome tattooed man named Adam. I'm talking about the emotions in these books). And if you combine how hard writing this book was with all of the rest of the craziness I have piled on my plate these days, well, I certainly have faced a ton of challenges in the past few months.

There were a few times when I almost cracked. When I just felt so swamped by all this pressure, pressure that I created! Hell, Carissa. But I always work best when I pressure myself it seems. I just want to help everyone. Be involved with everything. Do all the things. Write all the books. But I am only one woman, and my time management skills are not amazing. And I am also a mother of 3 children, who I literally raise full time, financially, physically, emotionally. I am only human.

As always though, with a ton of blood, sweat and tears, help from loved ones and friends, I have managed to get through this newest book release, and that's when all the changes really began to happen.

Originally, before I had started to add more and more things to my plate, I had planned to have this book finished in entirely in October, and then published and released in November, but that didn't happen. And in the months of October to November, the printing and publishing platform I have been using for the last 4 novels changed from Create Space to Amazon, and everything changed. I am now using an entirely new program to create my novels... and the covers don't match.

Right off the bat I knew I was in trouble, but I kept going, hoping that when it all came together, it would all work out. I have a lot of crazy faith in the universe for things working out the way they should, or I guess maybe I've just grown to adapt to constant change and chaos! Ha! Anyways. I pushed on. Knowing that my 5th book would not match the rest.

Everything continued to fall behind though, and then my cover photoshoot got added to the ever growing list of crazy. Simply a miscommunication on dates, but the end of November rolled around, and now I had no cover for my new novel, Broken. Or, no, Shattered. Nah. Broken. I was so undecided on a name, and that is not like me when I write my books.

My novels are created through me. I am a vessel, a way for my muse to communicate to the world. I actually think I have many. They come alive in my characters. My characters write the story. I just put pen to paper. Always.

And as I struggled and put some real late nights in at the end of November, hoping and praying all this mess would somehow tidy itself out as I continued to hustle and work, I just rolled with the changes.

I accepted that I was making a whole new cover, with a new model, and a new design, and as it came together, it fucking came together SO BEAUTIFULLY. I shed more than a tear or two when I was done. Once I started accepting the changes, I listened to the universe and accepted ALL of them. I went way left field. I even added COLOR to my cover. Yes, color. It's not a black and white cover. I cannot wait to see how that's going to look beside all the other books.

And then, the name changed.

Before I even put either of the original names for my book on the cover, I realized they both had to go. See ya! I haven't even announced it anywhere officially other than Facebook yet I don't think, but my new book is called Break Away! And hell if I don't feel like I am really breaking away here. I feel SO GOOD!

This new novel was like the original CUFFED re-release all over again, when everything started going wrong and I got to see what I was made of. I feel like I am made of a lot! And by next week sometime, you guys should be able to find my new book online and also be able to get a signed copy through me when my package of them arrives!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being apart of this journey with me, and supporting all my crazy adventures! I would not be here without all of you!!

Have a fantastic Monday!!


Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

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Cover debut for Break Away

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