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Howdy friends! I hope you are all having the most fabulous day! I know, I know, my blogs are all over the map right now, but you gotta trust me on this one. There is a method to my madness here. I am just covering all the bases right now.

And if you can't tell, if you don't follow me on ANY of my social medias, I am SUPER excited right now because 2019 is off to a FANTASTIC start!! So many amazing things are coming together, and really starting to take off. I am working really hard, hustling my tail off over here to make it happen. And one of those things I am super happy to be bringing for you guys in 2019 is my Lady Mack Love Letters classes!!

These classes are going to be available both online AND in person at You're Welcome Peterborough, and before I go any further, I need to give those ladies a HUGE shout out! I am so very appreciative of all the help they have given me, they have been game changers. They have opened up new doors, ideas and opportunities for me, are super supportive and open minded and just all around awesome people! It is no wonder they run Peterborough's hottest Adult Boutique. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with them. :)

So let me tell you a little bit about these classes I am offering. In person, they are happening once a month, January 19th and February 9th at You're Welcome. Please make sure you are following me on social media, or following You're Welcome Peterborough on social media, for event details and more information about the exact location and time.

Online, well, hell, you can contact me anytime you'd like, and we can start your class!

Ticket prices for classes at You're Welcome will be posted on their page, but online, you can sign up for 19$US or 22$CAD, payable by paypal, EMT, or square.

In this class, you will learn all about the history of Love Letters, from ancient times to modern celebrities, all the way back to the bible. Yes, I said the bible. You will learn about different structures and forms, get samples, tips and tricks, learn about language and words and phrases and ways to spin things to be romantic. I can help you brainstorm what you truly want to say, help you put it all together, and, if you're feeling especially romantic, I can even post it here on my blog for your loved one to see.

With St. Valentine's day approaching, a real, heartfelt, romantic love letter is truly a unique way to show your loved one you care, because it's a real, emotional gift from the heart. But, there are other reasons you may want to write a love letter as well.

Writing can be hugely therapeutic. It's soothing, healing, freeing, it's a beautiful way to express your inner thoughts and feelings to let them go. You could write one for yourself, as you are healing from something traumatic, or use it to connect with your inner self. You can write them for memories, or for keepsakes of a specific place or event in time. You don't even have to send it to the person you write it for. I've have wrote a letter to an ex, and then burned it, and it felt amazing.

To add to this, I have now helped people write vows as well, and speeches, and things for other special occasions. I do NOT write them, I help YOU write them. I get your brain flowing. Make you think, remember, recall, I give you help and tips and tricks and ideas. And you create the masterpiece.

Doing this feels so good to me, right in the soul feel goods. Helping others with written word, love, romance, their love life, helping others create, oh yes. That's for me.

So if this is something you need in your life, send me a message and let's chat. Or come into You're Welcome on event night and let's learn together in person. Or, share this with a friend or a loved one you think I could help with.

As always, I am ever so grateful for all your support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

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