I Asked For Social Media Help...

And wow, did you guys come forward and REALLY help a girl out!

Hey again! As you can see, I am slowly getting better at this blogging thing, and I seriously have all of you amazing people to thank!

I hopped on a facebook LIVE the other day, little by little I am working the jitters out over doing that again, and I admitted that I was struggling with my social media reach, and I needed ya'lls help to sort of break that barrier that I have been sitting at over the last few months.

And between the LIVE comments and feedback, and all the people that hopped in my inbox with ideas, I am overflowing with excitement with all of these new things I can bring to you guys, that I am already seeing working as I implement. And one of them is blogging.

Clearly I am new to blogging, but I have so many topics that I want to talk about, and so blogging was one of many things that I put on my plate but didn't actually schedule in, think about that in depth or take that seriously, hell, I wasn't even sure you guys were reading them lol.

But you are, and you want more, so here we go!! :) I am going to transcribe some more of my facebook LIVE video's here, as well as some of the topics I am going to be talking about with some other influencer friends and the speaking events I am doing locally here, both on erotica and sex and on motivation and inspiration and starting your life over and rebuilding after a bad situation. Like I said, I have lots to talk about, haha.

Plus I have been writing out a list of other ideas I need to discuss too, and adding to it constantly.

I took some criticism and feedback you guys gave me to head as well, and really thought about some other tips people mentioned in regards to what I post, how I post, and how I am not truly utilizing all the tools that are available for social media. I have to change constantly with the times, especially right now, as exhausting as it may be to wear all the hats, this is what my heart wants, and I am working hard for it.

So if you see me popping up more with little video clips, LIVES, blogs, different kinds of shares, posts, and photos on social media, than yay! My new way of doing things is working lol. And if you are reading this and have any tips for me, whether it's instagram, facebook, twitter (which I am terribly new at and still feeling out the ropes for), email campaigns, LIVE videos, or hell, even for my public speaking events coming up, or how I could promote and sell my novels better, SEND ME A MESSAGE! Lol. I want to hear from you!

So that's it for today, but keep watching, because I have a really awesome LIVE video to type out for you guys this weekend, and I'll be going LIVE again on social media Monday to talk about... EROTICA!

Have a great Friday everyone! Seize the day and chase those damn dreams, you are WORTH IT!


Lady Mack, Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

Hehehe LadyMack Friday blog

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