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Holiday Traditions

Happy Holidays! Yup.. I said those words. We are heading into the middle of December, and the holiday season is officially upon us. The hustle and bustle has started all around us, so there is no denying it, lights are strung up and most of you have your tree done. (I plan to do mine this week. It's still a sore spot after last year and just... busy life)

Personally though, I am so excited. There isn't much left of my decorations after last year's disaster, but we are sure going to make due with what is left, and I have lots of lights, and plan to take the kids to buy some new decorations this week.

I started shopping really early this year, so thankfully a lot of that is out of the way, and for the most part, I am really looking forward to every moment that I get to spend with my kids.

For me, what really makes the holidays so great IS my kids, and so many of the fun and exciting things that we have planned, traditions etc. And so I want to know, as I share mine with you, what kind of traditions and plans do you have for you and your family, house, yourself, loved ones etc?

Is there a special movie you always watch? Do you go to an event every year? Play board games? Go driving or walking to look at lights? Decorate? Bake?

Over the last few years, as my family became more settled as just my children and I, we have started to implement lots of traditions and fun things we do every year, and I am always looking for things to add to that list.

My favorite though is the Christmas eve boxes that I have been doing for about 6 years now. Every Christmas eve I give the kids a cute box filled with pjs, a teddy, snacks, hot chocolate, popcorn, a Christmas movie or book, sometimes another trinket or two. Things to be cozy in and wear and enjoy for the evening together. And I love it.

We always decorate the tree together, and we get a gingerbread house or other cool funky house to decorate as well, although to be honest, those always go rock hard and no one eats them, just picks the jujubes off LOL. Do they get ate at your place?

Every year we go see Santa at the mall (yes, even my big kids. I do have to bribe them) and we stop and buy a new ornament. This year I am hustling hard for a few more sales so I can buy a few extra ornaments. Last year, somehow, my tree stand gave in and my Christmas tree knocked over in the middle of the night. It came down on the hardwood floor of my old place, and it just... smashed. There were broken decorations and pieces of everything everywhere. At 4am. I was heartbroken and it just crushed me. But.. that's a story for another time.

We spend a lot of time at home bonding as a family over the holidays. Board games are still big in my house. We go tobogganing. Walk in the woods. Play in the snow. Watch movies. Play a lot of video games. We make Christmas cards, visit family and friends, and BAKE!

We are not religious in my house, but we have a lot of love and faith, and that's what we celebrate over the holidays. Our love.

It's also my oldest daughter's birthday over the holidays, she officially becomes a teen two days after Christmas, so yes, we have so much to celebrate and be grateful for this season.

So once more, I'd love to know, what kind of traditions and things do you do to celebrate over the holiday season? Maybe we can share some ideas together.

And please remember, whatever you are doing this holiday season, do it with love, focus on love, and love those around you. You never know who needs a smile, or a hug.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life, and my love!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas my friends!!

All my love,

Author Carissa McIntyre

Lady Mack, xo

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