Heart Holtering Summer!! Taking the summer to slow down.

Howdy friends!! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I hope that each and every one of you are having the best summer ever, and making the most of every moment!

I wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU for your patience with me right now. I do have some massively huge, big, major things in the works for my business and my books, but right now, over the next 6 or so weeks left of summer, I am taking some unofficial time off.

Yes, I just said that. Me. Lady Mack. Carissa McIntyre. I am taking the rest of the summer "off". And I know that sounds a bit wild, or maybe not, considering the circumstances. I mean, I did just publish another book, and I have so much in the works.

But, I am also currently hooked up to a heart holter, 48 hours with this sexy bad boy.

Long story short, over the last few months my stress has been building up and up and up. Especially in the background, with a lot of things, events and just over all crazy happening behind the scenes that I haven't shared. I tried, but I didn't handle it well, or, you can also read that as I was avoiding a lot of things. I can own that.

I tried to stay straight focused on my business, my kids, my life, but I faltered, because I am only human. I wore myself thin, worked myself into exhaustion, and in the end, heart palpitations and faintness and weakness put me into the ER.

REALLY big wake up call for me guys. One that hit me right down to the soul.

I need to step back a bit, re-evaluate what's working, what's not, what's important, what my goals are, and refocus accordingly. I need a far better plan of action.

And I have decided to take the summer to do just that. Catch up on my life. On me. On my kids. Without the pressure of my business and my goals, books, workshops, money, hanging over my head like constant deadlines and to dos and stress. I need to hit this at my own pace.

My plan is to come back fresh this fall, in a new place (that's right, I'm moving, time for a real fresh start), rested, refreshed, with broken down goals and action plans in front of me, with a steady path to follow to flourish my business.

In the big scheme of things, I am "not going anywhere". And that in itself gives my workaholic brain some peace of mind as I deal with this slow down change.

I will still be working, just as I need to, crossing off this four page front and back to do list, breathing deeper and getting my feet back into grounding position.

Some days you will see a lot of me online, as I catch up on blogs, to dos, messages, emails, revamp my website, try things out, reschedule, and plan.

Other days I may completely disappear, either for myself, for my kids, for work, for life, for whatever reason I need.

The point of that is, I can't excel spread sheet and control my life, and I'm going to force myself to live my summer like that, in the moment, getting things done as I get them done, before September finds me back full force.

I am still here if you need me. I am still here if work comes up, and I want to fill my plate with it. If you need a book, a run through of a chapter you're writing, if you want to chat shop, or if you want to talk real business. Just know I may or may not respond right away.

My wish you for, dear reader who has been patiently with me and following my journey and reading along, my wish is that you spend 5 minutes figuring out you, your soul, what makes you happy.

And then I wish you do that accordingly.

Whether it's more time with friends, a date night once a month, cleaning that closet, finally booking that vacation, cutting out a toxic friend, or taking the summer off.

Make yourself happy. You only have one life. And you don't want to spend it hooked to a heart holter, managing your stress. Let that shit go.

All my love,

Author Carissa McIntyre,

Lady Mack xo

#selflove #takingcareofyou

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