Have You Heard??

I have a logo!! Lady Mack has an official logo!! You guys!! I am so excited!!

Sorry, I know that was very informal of me, but hell, I don't have to be professional ALL the time right? Plus, I can't help myself, I am super excited to have a logo!!

And I know, I am really behind on my blogging and my website, I'm sorry friends. But this month, wow. Big things are happening, life is happening, and I just have a little more on my plate than I realized, but cheers to all the mental work I've been doing, because this entrepreneur feels GOOD about her massive to do list, not overwhelmed or like I'm about to have a break down again. Even if I'm weeks behind LOL.

Anywho. I do have tons to catch you up on, my book launch, my love letters classes, what's happening next, my big news with Cuffed... but that will come in another blog!

Right now.. we need to talk about my amazing logo.

Because wow LOL.

I am so in love!

I sort of accidentally branded myself a few years ago, before I even started out writing, and I've since just ran with it, because it was so fitting. Lady Mack. I saw this fancy blue writing, and I always had my little lip print somewhere with the xo mark, but that was as far as my brain was working. I'm not an ARTIST in the way of drawing, graphic design, hell I can't even make good looking stick people lol. My talent is words, I am a wordsmith, but I cannot use words to really bring my brand and my logo to life.

Then my business advisor Carey virtually introduced me to Brad, the owner of Get Seen Graphics located here in Peterborough, Ontario, and I talked to him about my vision and what I thought I saw. I even sent him the really sad looking (lol) mock up version of what I thought I wanted, which I had made in a phone app that looked terrible, and I let him create his magic.

He worked with me through every step. We talked about color, size, the way I wanted it to come across, and then what he sent me, was nothing like I had imagined, but everything that I thought it would be, and perfect.

Artists have their talents. Someone who is a graphic artist is going to be able to take your idea and actually breath life into it, and make it come alive for you, and that's exactly what Brad did.

He even sent me a handful of different versions of my logo, and let me work it down to the very fine details. Patience. You can't rush art, quoting Toy Story there ;)

All in all, it took less than 2 weeks to go from my half ass drawn idea to his masterpiece, and I would HIGHLY recommend Get Seen Graphics to anyone looking to have some digital graphic design work done. I am going to add in a little burb about their wonderful business here:

Get Seen Graphics (GSG) is an awesome space where creativity is let loose and everything is possible when it comes to design, inspiration and imagination. GSG is about possibility and fun – coolness! It’s about people and their businesses and their ideas. GSG helps your idea get SEEN. GSG helps you to get your message across and heard, makes your business POP! Making your messages SING! And making imagination come to LIFE! With over 20 years of multi-media design training and experience and over 8 years in business, GSG can help you create a feeling for your idea or business and help you design an image or brand that reflects that feeling, helping you share your idea and your gift with the world. https://www.facebook.com/GetSeenGraphics/ http://getseengraphics.com bradrose@getseengraphics.com

So once more, if you're looking to bring an idea to life, please consider this company, and remember, we love when you support local!! :)

Thanks for reading friends! Let me know in the comments what you think about my new logo, and stay tuned for more blogs coming your way soon!!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

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Lady Mack logo

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