Fancy Photoshoot!

Good morning friends and loyal readers! I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!

I'm a little behind schedule with this blog post, but who would I be if I wasn't my usual tardy self, haha. I promise, I am working on that.

One thing I haven't been late for recently though was my photoshoot, and I am super excited to share a little bit about that with ya'll! (On a side note, it was at my own house, so, pretty hard to be late for something when you're already there, hey? Maybe they were on to something, haha)

It was such a cool experience! I have never done anything like that before, and I am so very grateful that this opportunity was handed to me. I have always wanted to have a nice photoshoot done, but it just wasn't something I've been able to justify or squeeze in anywhere, mostly budget wise, but it's something I've clearly needed as my business and my novels have grown.

I did try and schedule something low key with a photographer here a few times, and then eventually had my girlfriend take some pretty photos of myewith my novels, but it just wasn't the same as having a professional photographer take them.

But as I have been doing more work for the YWCA and had that article in the paper, and they've been using my story to do some fundraising and charity involvement, they needed more professional photos of me done, so I was super happy to help!

I've never worked with a professional photographer before, so I had no idea what to expect, but she was so fun and awesome to work with. I laughed far more than I expected, especially making the more serious faced photos, and I honestly had no idea how hard that was going to be! It is not just looking at the camera!

The whole thing made me feel really good. I was basically on an I love life high for the rest of the day. I felt important and like I was actually, someone? If ya'll know what I mean? Like I was finally the best selling author I feel in my heart I am meant to be. (Yes, I dream big, you should know this by now lol. I sleep on a dream pillow I made that says things like I am a #1 Amazon best seller right on it, no shame here)

And just like all the public speaking and LIVE videos I've been doing lately that's helping improve my confidence and my ability to actually speak to people, getting my photos taking by someone else, a professional, is going to happen more than one more time in my life, I can promise you that, and it felt good to have such a great time for my first time and to get my jitters out like that. (Could I have made that sound anymore like losing my virginity? I need more coffee this am, haha) I am still working on how I feel about my looks, and this was a big boost in terms of confidence and feeling good about ME as a person.

Overall I am so grateful and excited for this experience, and I cannot wait to see what's happening next in my life! Big things are coming! I also can't wait to share some new photos and headshots with you guys, so please stay tuned for that!

I hope ya'll are having a fantastic Sunday, or whatever day it happens to be when you read this, and that this blog finds you well. I am so glad you are here reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being apart of my journey. I definitely would never be here without your love and support!!

Much love everyone! Cheers!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xox

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