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Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day

I know I have said this before, in fact, I think I have done a similar blog in a sense once before, hence the joke title, but holy hot damn am I ever the absolute worst for having the entrepreneurial curse lately. That achy, sparky burn deep inside of you to literally DO ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU ARE PULLED TO DO THAT RELATE TO YOUR BUSINESS, EVEN SOME THAT DON’T, THAT YOU WANT TO DO, THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF, AND DO THEM AT THE SAME. FUCKING. TIME. ALL. RIGHT. NOW. AND POUR ALL YOUR ENERGY INTO EVERYTHING HAAAAA.

Wow, whew, sorry, I gotta take a breather. Got a little excited there. I think you see my point.

Like many of us entrepreneurs, I go through waves of this, and then I burn out. Again, and again. But you know what? Changing that, being more disciplined, setting better boundaries, prioritizing what really IS important, what’s profitable, what your soul TRULY needs, sorting through and putting into action all of those things… That’s not an easy lesson to learn, or an easy switch to accept and make the very next day. But you know what ELSE? And here’s where I pivot from the same blog oh, so many moons ago. For ONE, I AM noticing that I am changing, becoming more disciplined, more focused, and doing it less.

Oh, don’t let me fool you, dear reader, oh no. I still have 19475 projects on the go or that I want to work on or that I have half finished, or desperately being called to do, and I am still going through the feelings of overload and being pulled into 1000 different directions, but it’s LESS.

And I DO prioritize my self care, mental health and the real big, important things now far more often than I used to, which helps with the overload, the burn out, the feelings of I can’t do this, and I’ve taken on too much, but where can I hit pause and even take a breather?

But, number TWO, I am also learning to ACCEPT that part of me too. THERE IS A REASON I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR AT HEART. There is a reason we ALL identify with this. There is a part of me that is DRAWN TO AND THRIVES off the pull of 17 new ideas and 15 new projects and 4 stories and 10 books because that’s how my business brain works. That’s almost a trademark of an entrepreneur.

And because I KNOW and very much accept the fact that one human in one lifetime is never going to accomplish all the things they want to do… I WANT to do all of them. THAT’S THE POINT. I am only going to be here for a short time. We all are. And if something calls to me, if my soul wants to experience it, if I need to try it on to see if it fits me, stick a finger in it, lick it, why hell, I’m gunna do it. Even if it’s just for a taste, sometimes that’s all we need.

I’m just really grateful I am learning to do it in ways that are better for myself, my life, and my soul too.

So, here’s to us squirrel brained bosses that want to do all the things all at once. You can’t, of course, but I see you, and I believe in you. Just make sure you REALLY take care of yourself when you do too much, and make sure you LOOOVE the stuff you do, and stick your little fingers into everything that calls to you, in healthy ways. At least, that’s my 2 cents. Much love.

Author Carissa McIntyre,

Lady Mack Xo

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