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Chasing Passion

It is really incredibly inspiring watching something you created from a thought, from an idea, from something that started as nothing then blossom into life, into something real.

A little more than two years ago, Ashley Lamothe and I were just putting our businesses together. Still figuring out what we were doing. What we wanted. We were new entrepreneurs, struggling single moms, and no idea what each next day held for us and for our own businesses and lives, being pulled in so many different directions. But something we did know was that we were drawn together from our first business meeting connections at local workshops for entrepreneurs, and that we had something powerful to share together.

We would often meet for coffee and vent about our businesses, our lives, motherhood, ideas we had, wants, desires, and eventually, little bits and pieces of something important started to weave its way out of our minds and into reality. We started to toss around thoughts of how we could share our stories together, how we could work together, mold pieces of our business into one, and create something that we would love to share with the world.

Last year, we started to take those dreams and put some action behind them, little by little.

In the midst of our already very busy lives and hectic schedules, we started to talk about how we could actually solidify what we were discussing into something real. Into something we could work with and share and change lives with. And from that, the idea of a workshop was born.

It was not a workshop we put together overnight. It was a workshop we talked about for months, trying to put together between school runs, grocery store trips, sick kids, our own businesses we were already running, and general mom life.

It wasn’t easy, but it was soooo powerful when it came together, and the love that we both poured into it made it that much more magical. Ashley has a very moving story to tell, and can put together one hell of a workshop, and sharing and inspiring others seems to be something that really sets my soul on fire. Our workshop flowed so easily and naturally to us, it was really meant to be.

I know nothing about hosting workshops. I am learning as I go, thinking on my feet, changing things and adjusting as it unfolds, soaking up all of the education I can in the meantime, and I think that’s important to note, because it really affirms for me that when you’re passionate and love something you do, it works. Because this is working. It also tells me that we have to be open to opportunities in life, because sometimes we have no idea where they will come from or what they will look like. Four years ago I didn’t imagine I would ever be a writer. Three years ago I didn’t think I would have a business around that, and two years ago if you told me I would be public speaking and hosting workshops along side writing my novels, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Through our workshops, Ashley and I have started to meet some really amazing people. Survivors. Brave souls. People with stories to tell. Hearts that want to be healed. Love that wants to be shared. We are connecting with groups of people that vibe so well together, the meetings were made to be. We share a vibe and a connection with people at these workshops that I have rarely felt in my life, and I want more. I want us to help. To inspire. To motivate. To help make the love and changes that we want to see.

After starting this path in life, after starting these workshops, I have been filled with so much passion, so much desire for self care, so much need to share love, to share life, to grow. And I want to share that with the world.

I am so excited for where these workshops are going to take me. I can’t wait to connect with the people that are being drawn into my life, and me to theirs.

We are hosting a series of workshops coming up at Kyoto coffee in Peterborough Lakefield area, and also aiming to record our workshops so that they will be available online. I am also looking at hosting workshops one on one online, so if any of this interests you, please stay tuned!

In the mean time, you can check out all the information for our upcoming workshop at Kyoto in March by clicking here. There is something magical about Kyoto coffee, and that has been such a wonderful confirmation as well. I went to chat with the owner on a whim one day, Tracy is a lovely woman, and after spending about three solid hours in her shop talking, I knew that it was a perfect place to bring people together in healing and love.

If you have a dream, don’t let it slip away. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a little idea or a glimmer of something amazing you’d like to do. Work on it. Every single day you can. Every chance you get. Our dreams, our passions, they deserve to be explored. We get one life, I don’t care how cliché that sounds, make the most of it damnit! What’s the worst that can happen, something doesn’t work out? Do you know how many things haven’t worked out for me? I would rather be an old happy wild lady with a list of fails 5 pages long, rather than having lived a small life with no experiences and no idea what would have happened if I had only tried.

Go try. You might just surprise yourself.

Thanks for reading friends.

All my love,

Author Carisa McIntyre,

Lady Mack xo

Ashley Lamothe is the owner of Creative Kwe, located in Peterborough Ontario.

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