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Good morning friends! This is my favorite time of day... when the children are sleeping still, the whole world is quiet, and I can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in silence and blog or write before the day starts.

And I know that means nothing to you, my reader friends, because by the time you'll be reading this, the chaos in my life will have started, and you'll see me on social media like "these kids are crazy" haha, no they're really amazing, but all jokes aside, this is my favorite time of the day. It's my me time.

And I wanted to use this quiet time today to reflect on some of the amazing things going on right now, and share them with you. I did do a FACEBOOK LIVE chat yesterday talking a little about my experience, but it was mostly featuring my lovely youngest daughter and all of her cute dollies lol, so I thought this may be a little less distracting for some people. Also, I know some of you are not following me on social media. (And why the heck not? Get on that!)

So, taking you back just a little ways, you will find that as I started writing and publishing my first erotica novel, CUFFED, I found myself homeless with 4 children, one who wasn't mine. I had to use the homeless shelter in my town to completely start over, and in the process they helped connect me with a ton of amazing services, one being the program I used to build my books and become an author.

A few weeks ago, I felt inspired to find a way to give back from this. I am in a much better place in my life now, and I felt like if I could share my story, what it was like, what services were really available, maybe I could help someone. Or bring in some awareness for funding. Or something. I just needed to give back.

That spiraled. I did a video, I wrote a blog, I was contacted by some local members of the shelter and board for that here, and I gave them everything. My story. Use of whatever I could. It hurt, baring my soul open again like that, but it also made my soul feel really good, because I was helping and giving back in the way that I could. I was inspiring and showing others the other side of life.

So all of that sort of leads up to this newspaper article you may have saw me share yesterday. How amazing was that? And that's the event that I truly wanted to share with you guys.

I was invited to a meeting a few nights ago, where I was asked to share my story. But it was done in a very unique way. For the first part, I wasn't present. But people were given "scenarios" of a life fallen apart, and were asked, "What would you do next?" They sat and talked and brainstormed, and really realized the NEED for homeless shelters, and the NEED for the dozens of services that come with it.

Then, I entered, and was introduced, and asked to share my story. Which lined up with the scenarios they were given. They were walked through my life. Suddenly, it was real for them.

A perfectly happy life, can all apart, sometimes faster than you can keep up. Being homeless, is only part of the battle. You have no money. No food. No resources. You may not even have the skills to start over again. No idea how to handle money. How to cook for yourself. How to get a job and provide for your family.

Maybe you've got all that covered, but you need ACCESS to the funds to get started again.

Maybe you, or your children were abused. You will need counselling and therapy, so that you don't cry yourselves to sleep anymore. You will need time and help to know you aren't living on egg shells anymore.

You may not have custody of children in your care. You may not even know how to get started with something like that.

How do you restart your life when you are homeless and you have nothing?

I will tell you, the YWCA helped me restart my life. 110%. I do not know where I would be today without them. I do not know what I would have done with 4 children and no money to my name, and no where to go. I didn't need a place to sleep for a night or two. I needed help with a whole new life.

At the end of this presentation, there were lots of tears shed, but I actually felt really good about sharing my story with these people and opening up some stigmas and ideas for fundraising and donations. The shelter urgently needs them, they are at 100% capacity right now, and have been for 2 years. Then I was contacted by a lovely woman from the media who was covering the event, and she asked if I would chat with her and share a little bit more about my story for the paper. And so I did.

And then, it ended up on the front damn page of the Peterborough Examiner.

Holy crap guys lol. That is the second newspaper article I have had wrote about me this year. And I didn't even expect this one. It side blinded me, but I cannot tell you enough how grateful and thankful I am for this.

If it can help ONE WOMAN realize that she's not alone, that she can start over, that she can lose EVERYTHING and still survive the fire and come out the other side, then I can sleep better at night. If I can show one person that it's not what it seems, that it's not scary, not a place where you will lose your children, your friends, or your self respect, then that's what matters.

That place helped me FIND myself, my confidence and my self respect again.

If I can show one place of business, that can donate funds or time or resources, that we NEED the shelter, we need money, we need help, we need whatever you can give, if I can convince anyone who can help to help, then my heart is happy. My soul is at peace.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading this, for sharing my newspaper article online, for being a part of my life right now. You don't even know what it means to me, it literally means the world.

Much love everyone. Have the most fabulous day!!

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

You can find the article here:

Carissa McIntyre, YWCA
Carissa McIntyre, YWCA

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