Are You Ready For Summer?? Keeping An Open Mind.

Hey friends!! Happy JUNE!! Hurraaaaaay!!

I've missed ya'll, and I've been dying to get a blog published. And this isn't the blog that I had planned next in my agenda, but I mostly just wanted to touch base and say hiii!! :)

Honestly, I have lost track of how many times I have posted on my blogs that "it's been a long time, but hey, I'm still alive, and this isn't the blog I wanted to post yet" lmfao, but you gotta applaud me for trying, right? It's something.

Right now, I have my sole primary focus on publishing Kim's Favor, and solidifying my workshops. Yes, my workshops, they are starting to take over.

Oh, and this speech I have to write for the end of June.

Doesn't your girl sound fancy over here? Ha!

I officially hosted my first real, professional workshop for the City of Peterborough last week.

The workshop came on the tail end of a wild few weeks. Things got a bit hectic in my life, I was starting to get overwhelmed with business and family and some lingering responsibilities, never mind this new stuff I have been adding to my plate, feeling really overwhelmed... and then my Poppa passed away.

Life got so behind schedule that I was still creating the worksheets for my workshop literally as I came home from the funeral. I stayed up until almost midnight going through it all, emailed it off to the coordinator, and showed up for 945am the next day with a smile on my face, ready to present, totally trying to act like I didn't just drop the bomb on my very first workshop.

And you know what, I didn't.

I fucking rocked that presentation, never looked at my notes, talked from the heart, shared my story, and only missed 2 real key points, which I snuck in while they were working on the worksheet.

I felt like Wonder Woman you guys, ridiculously capable of anything.

I will go into more detail about my workshops in another blog, I promise, and I have OH so much to share with you guys about how passionate and in LOVE I am with what I'm creating, but that's coming SOOOOON!!

For now, I just want to leave you with this, from my short and sweet updates, mostly just wanted to blog, blog I've wrote today...

Two and a half years ago, I never would have even dreamed about doing the things that I am doing today. To be honest, they weren't even on my radar for what I thought I wanted to do with my life, and if you had asked me to give a speech in front of people, talk to Chex, be in the newspaper, on the radio, ah hell, create a workshop and teach it to people... I would have laughed at you.

Last year, those things started becoming a reality.

Ya'll KNOW I have big dreams right now, and I am damned and determined. Imagine what my life is going to look like a year from now? Three years from now?




I promise you, the life changing things don't always seem like life changing things, because they're probably things you have NEVER considered would change your life in the first place. So, be open.

Take risks. Say yes!!

Live your BIG, best life. Every day.

And love in the moment.

The best is coming, I promise!!

All my love!

Author Carissa McIntyre,

Lady Mack xo

A Summer Blog by Lady Mack

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