Another Blog... Better late than never!

Hey guys, it's me! Back again, finally getting my second blog up and published. And yes, I know, I know, this "isn't how this blog thing works", but hey, if you know me, you know nothing in my life quite works the way it should, it works the way it should for my life, haha. Which is usually a mess. But anyways, here we are. It's been a long and crazy summer, with kids underfoot making it hard to focus, but I have managed to put out blog number 2, and that's good enough.

I am still finding it hella hard to wear all the hats, and doing all of the jobs, both in my business and in my life, but slowly and surely I am finding better ways to manage, prioritize and cope, and life is getting easier. Plus, school starts up again soon, in just about 2 weeks, parents, can I get a hurrah if you feel me?? Haha.

However, I am getting shit done around here, yes I am! A few weeks ago now, because time is flying, I published my second FREE short story erotica and put it up for download online! If you somehow missed it, I would love for you to click right here ---> <--- and hit that download button!! I mean, you are missing out on what's probably my best short story yet!! And after you read it, and love it, if you could share it with a friend, I would be forever grateful!

I also made it out to the Kirkfield Invasion again this year, and sold a handful of books while I was there. And on Sunday, August 27, I will be hosting an outdoor table at an event being held at the SilverBean Cafe in Peterborough, and I'll have all 4 books with me there to sign! There will also be a bunch of other great vendors, sellers, and crafters, so come on out and maybe get a jump start on your Christmas shopping, hey? Yes, I said the dreaded C word. It's really not that far away though you guys, look how fast summer just flew by. That bitch deserves a speeding ticket. Anyways, get started now and you'll thank me later. Hell, I started at Easter, I have too many kids LOL.

Plus, I am SOOO excited about Friday! In case you somehow missed it, You're Welcome, which is an awesome new Adult Boutique located at 410 George St. in Peterborough, is hosting a Book Launch for me!! I'll be showcasing my newest novel, Candy's Bedtime Stories #2, and even doing a live reading from it!! Eeek! I have done readings before, but not a full story, sexy parts and all reading before, so I better get started preparing! Hell, I better figure out what story I am going to read first, I mean, it's only Wednesday after all, jeez. Lol.

After all of that is done, I'll be working hard on Cuffed #3, which you guys will find out the name for soon enough. It's due out before Christmas, but I have high hopes to get it done and published as soon as possible. The urge to write is strong right now. I want to write ALL the things, I have so many dreams and plans!

Lastly, as I am still all over the place, I'd love to make my next blog a GUEST WRITER blog!! If you would like to be featured, hit me up! Whatever you want... a poem, a short story, something sexy, a rant, I want to hear from you, and maybe my readers do too. Or hell, maybe they'll hate you, some of them hate me. It happens LOL. Can't please everyone, unless you're a taco. Or coffee. Or pie, who doesn't love pie?

Thanks for reading everyone!! I appreciate each and every one of you, for helping make this small town dreamers goals come true!! <3

Much Love!!!

Lady Mack,

Carissa McIntyre xoxo

My very first LIVE book reading in Toronto!

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