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Good afternoon my friends! I hope this blog finds you all in fantastic shape!

It's Thanksgiving weekend for my American friends, Black Friday starts tomorrow, and I have a whole heap of things to update ya'll on! Excitement all around!

So first and foremost, enjoy that Turkey and Ham and all the side dishes and time spent with family, giving thanks and celebrating the holidays to everyone doing so this weekend! I hope it's filled with wonderful time and memories.

And for the rest of you, well, happy weekend! I hope it is equally filled with happy memories and a wonderful time, lol. <3

So, yesterday I did a really big thing! Something I said I wasn't going to do, but on a whim I did anyway, and it's already been viewed by way more people than I thought it would be after less than 24 hours up online lol. Holy crap lol. Anyways, I recorded myself reading the first chapter of CUFFED, as I have had a lot of requests for some audio versions of my work. I know it's not amazing and it's not the full novel, but please have a listen here:

Next, I got the photos from my professional photoshoot back the other day, and they are amazing! I am so grateful to have been apart of that experience. If you are on my email list (and you should be) I sent an email out yesterday containing some of the shots, so please check your junk mail and make sure my emails are being sent to your inbox, as I don't want you to miss my free stories and sneak peeks! Otherwise, stay tuned to my website and my social media pages as I update some killer shots!

And I have a new book coming out next month! Just in time for Christmas, especially if you are local and looking for a unique gift and want to skip the struggles with Canada post! I am taking pre-orders for the first box of books arriving, and I also need to share with you a sneaky little tidbit..

It's called Shattered, and it may just shatter your heart when you read it. But the sex scenes are HOT, and I promise that'll make up for it ;)

And please don't forget, I also have 4 other hot and steamy books for you to pick up and gift to a loved one, or to yourself, and all your love and support goes directly into supporting my children's Christmas and helping make our dreams come true :)

Please contact me on social media for a signed copy of my novels, or email me at thank you!

I think that's it for quick updates, but stay tuned as I have SO MUCH to share with you over the next few weeks. This year is going to end off with a BANG!

Much love and thanks for all the incredible support,

Lady Mack,

Author Carissa McIntyre xoxo

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Lady Mack hard at work

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