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A Good Ol Purge

Heya friends! I know it has been a while, but I am slowly catching up, and as I do, I thought I would share a little blog I put together two weeks ago, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Do you want to know one of the biggest things that excites me about moving? I mean, this move in particular holds a LOT of exciting things and changes, but there is one thing that's the same for me in every move, and it makes me giddy.

It's also something kind of ridiculous, but I don't care. Judge me lol.

I love the organizing, purging and decluttering that comes with moving. The freshness of the chaos. I love, love, love, LOVE it. Tell me I'm not alone here?

There is something soothing and cleansing almost to me about going through every single thing you own. Packing away the things you love and need. Getting rid of the rest.

I have donated so many, many things, it makes my heart happy. So many clothes that no longer fit myself or my kids that still had lots of life left in them, toys that still ran great, but my kids had grown up from...

And don't even get me started on the toys with missing broken pieces and McDonalds toys that I threw away lol.

It's incredible what you find when you start looking in every single nook, cranny and crevice.

I am no minimalist by any means, one glance at my 10+ packed bookshelves in my mini library house will tell you that, but I still really enjoy living clean and clutter free, tidy and organized. Moving is a way for me to go through absolutely everything that I own so that I can continue to live that way.

There is also an odd, comforting homey feeling to it for me, underneath all the madness, stress and tension that comes with moving and purging.

Did you ever rearrange your bedroom as a kid, and then afterwards, you'd sit there and take it all in, and it would feel like a brand new bedroom? And it would give you this rush of productivity and you'd want to do all the things in your new room?

For me, moving feels like getting to do that with your entire house! lol.

Plus, in a weird way, once all the stress and nonsense is done and over with, moving makes me feel really productive and ready to rock. I have so much planned for my business this fall and I honestly couldn't have picked a better time to move, as crazy and wild as it seemed when I first decided it was time to go.

I'm not trying to kid anyone, there are definitely hassles and challenges that come along with a move, but for me, this move was the ultimate blessing.

I am focused on the positive, the happy, the good.

And I want to know...

How do you feel about moving??

Thanks for reading, friends!

All my love,

Author Carissa McIntyre,

Lady Mack xo

Purging and Moving

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