2020 Goals... Get Real!

Ahhh. That fresh smell of a new year. You know what? I love it. I am one of those ridiculous people who now (because I didn’t always) LOVE the new year. It’s like a new start. To me, it’s not cheesy, and it’s not chiche, and if you are someone who made yourself a list of resolutions or goals, or at least didn’t make FUN of those of us who did, than super big kudos to you!

Now, first of all let me start off by saying that I am certainly not one of those people who believe that you need a new year to make a change, because believe me, my life has been full of random Tuesday decisions that have changed my whole life. But that’s the point. I KNOW you can make big changes and have your life turn in a new direction on a dime. And there IS something to be said about closing your planner on the year before, opening a fresh new diary page, a new calendar on the wall, a fresh year filled with endless possibilities.

And who is to say that people who make resolutions or goals are bad people, what is so wrong with change? Is there really something WRONG with someone wanting to make a healthier decision like to quit smoking on a day that people welcome as a fresh start? Is there something wrong with the person who wants to get stronger, take their father on a trip, buy their children diapers without help? Is it because so many people set themselves up with resolutions destined to fail, that the whole thing has become tainted for us to enjoy in peace?

For me myself, I have moved on past the word “resolution”, and like many others of us out there, I prefer the word “goal”, but honestly, let’s just put the word that we use aside for a moment and think about the bigger picture here. In the end.. it’s something you want. A change, an object, a place, whatever it is… and when you write it down.. it starts to become real. It starts to become manageable.

When I sat down and made my list this year, I focused on what I wanted for myself and my kids that would give us a better life. Goals I wanted to accomplish with my business. Things I wanted to share and do with my children. Changes I wanted to make in myself, small daily habits, to give me a better life overall. And then I broke those down into tiny little steps and habits I could start doing each and every day.

Do you want to know a secret about habits? When you start doing something EVERY single day, taking brushing your teeth for example, after 13 weeks that habit stops becoming something you have to remind yourself to do every day and more something you remember to do (usually) subconsciously. That’s a proven fact. And I have seen it myself, personally, with new habits I have created over the years. That means that if you started right now, and pushed yourself, you could be working towards your goals by subconscious every day habits that really improve your life… by April!

So here is what I suggest you do as a realistic approach to goals for 2020, if you happen to be someone who is reading this who didn’t make any, or struggled to make some good ones, and now you’re reading this with an open mind like, hey, this chick could be on to something. (You might be rolling your eyes at me too, but just don’t close the blog window lol).

Find yourself a quiet spot to think, have something to write with, and make yourself a priority for ten whole minutes. (Some of us need “me time” on our list. It’s on mine. Ten minutes will not have your whole world crashing down around you afterwards, I promise). Start brainstorming what you really want in life. In all the areas of your life. You can go daunting and big, or you can think smaller and more easier to swallow right now. Think about your life, your family, your business, your health, your aspirations, your big dreams. And then write down the things that most move you and you would want to accomplish in 2020.

And here is where you are going to take it one step further, because if you just take that list and tack it up somewhere, you will forget all about it and be one of those people rolling their eyes at me in 2021 saying that goals are stupid and they don’t work lol. Trust me.

Break those goals down, and figure out the baby steps and habits you can split them up into, and then schedule them into your planner for 2020. (You do have one of those, right? RIGHT??)

Let me give you an example.

In 2020, in the spring, I want to run a 5km charity mud run. Starting right now in January, I am doing yoga daily, and in February I’ll be adding a work out routine. I have challenged myself to start drinking half the amount of water I need to for a week, and eating at least one healthier meal a day, and then adding to that next week. If I can actually make myself do that every day, by spring I will have developed a lot of healthy habits that will have changed my body in preparation for the mud run, before the mud run. The rest, the fundraising and charity promotions, team work, etc., I scheduled into my calendar.

So now, instead of looking at

1. Run a 5km charity run

Wrote on a piece of paper, I actually have it broken down and already scheduled into 2020. Now, of course, the real magic lies in getting my shit in gear and doing it, but I hope that you can see where I am going with this, and how different it is to actually break down a goal and see how you can manage it, as opposed to just writing it down.

I can give you another example. Like most people, I want to get out of the debt I’m in from the last few years of my life, from the homeless shelter, from starting over. And it’s massively scary and overwhelming.

So, in January I am simply starting with finding out every single penny that I owe. I’m writing out a damn good budget. I’m hustling my ass off in my business. I’m meal planning like I have to eat everything from the cupboards before it goes bad. I’m taking my reusable bags to the store. I’m going to ask the world for budgeting tips and I’m going to use them every single day. And I’m going to break down my bills into chunks, figure out what month I’ll pay off what bill, WRITE THEM DOWN INTO MY PLANNER, and get to work. By the spring, I hope to have stuck to many of these new budgeting habits, and actually have my financial shit together.

Resolutions, goals, life changes, they don’t have to be so overwhelming, and you are far less likely to give up if you stop looking at a list and start looking at each day, what you can do, what you can focus on, and just do that.

And I think the real big misconception with goals and resolutions is that you can’t just wish for them, and become a “new person” over night. They say everything worth having in life is worth fighting for, and baby, those goals are worth fighting for. But you’re going to have to work for them. Hard. And I know for damn sure that those goals I wrote down, broke down and scheduled in for 2020 for me, they are worth fighting and hustling so hard for, because these goals, these habits, these changes are going to change my life.

So whether you’re with me or you’re laughing, lol, here’s to 2020.

May it be the best one yet!

All my love my friends,

Thanks for still being here.

Author Carissa McIntyre,

Lady Mack xo

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