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(And welcome to my rebranding) My name is Carissa McIntyre, also known as Lady Mack, and I am a 34 year old mother of 3 and an independent self published author, public speaker and workshop facilitator from Peterborough, Ontario Canada. I started out on this path to becoming an author while homeless, living in the Peterborough Crossroads Women's Shelter with 4 children, one who was not mine, after fleeing a toxic relationship. Writing was all I had. I was depressed, broken, and lost. It was the lowest point in my life, but from that has come something incredible. My life, my children, myself, we are blossoming, because I found the strength to push forward. Writing CUFFED, my very first erotica novel, publishing it, finally seeing my life long dream come true, it sparked a fire inside of me again. It gave me purpose. It saved me. It gave me a passion again. And now, I want to share that passion and purpose with the world. Click on the links in my menu to learn more about my books, erotica blogs, and workshops!

Quarantine Updates

Hello friends. Just a little note from Quarantine! I hope everyone is coping and doing well. I am sending so much love! This is my second update. My first was simply to check in and let everyone know that my children and I were surviving the day to day. But now... I need to update that my foot is broken. Damn hey? I have some super amazing luck lol. I ma mostly checked out and resting right now, but I am working slowly on some big plans for my rebranding and getting back into the swing of things.

I call this my time in the ashes. I am a Phoenix, and every so often they burn up into the ashes, to be reborn.

I am burnt. I am ashes. And right now, this is my rest period.

But I am the Phoenix and I will rise stronger and better than ever, it's coming. Just watch.

And on a super positive note, Amazon has begun production of my novels again, and new paperback copies are off to print and soon to be delivered to my door, just waiting to be signed with a kiss and sent off to a new home... yours? 

Rebranding Updates

When I first started this journey in 2017, I opened a publishing company because I was really just running on a whim by the seat of my pants, no idea what I was doing but determined to make everything work. I used the name Lady Mack Publishing for everything, as Lady Mack has always been my brand, and Publishing my novels was what I umbrella'd my business under.

Over time what I am doing has evolved, I now focus on not just writing but workshops and public speaking as well, and I still have big hopes of being picked up by a large publishing company one day. For all of those reasons and a few more, I have dropped "Publishing" from my business name and plan to slowly remove it from all of my advertising and website and business work going forward.

Just wanted to share a little update as my website name has changed and I slowly start to roll out some other changes over time, as my foot heals and my life settles a wee bit.

Looking To Purchase A Signed Book?

The sale of my paperback novels are the bread and butter of my business. Right now, I sell them through myself, and a handful of stores located in Peterborough and Oshawa (both Forbidden Pleasures in Peterborough and one in Oshawa). The sale of these novels is what supports my children and myself. If you would like a copy (or more), please click buy a paperback below and email me.

( carissa.mcintyre@hotmail.ca)

I can accept paypal and EMT and ship them worldwide. Books are $22US, $25CAD, bundles are discounted and sets come with a free gift. You can also find them on Amazon and Kindle. I appreciate all your support. Thank you. 

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